DSU game: Should I be embarrassed or not?

Submitted by MaizeAndBlueWahoo on October 19th, 2009 at 11:56 AM

I'm really torn and conflicted about this whole Delaware State thing. It's getting pretty emo. I need to like, go stand in the rain and get my eyeblack all smeared and ponder why any of it matters or something. But anyway:

I don't have BTN and I was pretty focused on Texas/Oklahoma, so the first update on the DSU game I got was 21-0, first quarter, and then barely five minutes later, 28-0, first quarter. And I have to say I was embarrassed. I get what Brian says and wholeheartedly agree: the NCAA shouldn't be letting teams play games like that. But should we take advantage? Competitively speaking, there's just no reason that game should ever have been played. Delaware State didn't belong on the same field and everyone knew it. We might as well have played Pioneer. I always hated Nebraska and Florida for running up the score on patsies they had no business playing, and in my e-blog last year I castigated Florida State for scheduling Western Carolina AND Chattanooga - two really crappy I-AA teams - so that the effects of the suspensions that resulted from their academic shenanigans would be mitigated. I hate the whole idea of playing I-AA teams - the only thing that makes it excusable in my book is if they're instate teams, and we have none of those. Couldn't we at least have shelled out an extra couple hundred grand (it's like, the income from a fraction of the stadium on one game day) and brought in some crappy Sun Belt team that we'd have to take seriously for at least a half?

On the other hand, it was actually really awesome to empty the bench. Seeing the Coner in there getting a chance to play and be rewarded for his work was kinda heartwarming, not to get too maudlin about it. I was really happy for the guy watching the highlights of his throws to Reyes - another guy who it was great to see get a chance to play on the field at Michigan Stadium. Same goes for the other guys, the scout-teamers like Cox. Maybe we ought to schedule a baby seal once every so often for the purposes of clubbing it and giving the scrubs a chance to hold the club for once? It would suck to work hard for four years and never get the chance to play in front of 105,000.

I dunno. I'm interested for once in being told by the masses what I should think about this.



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considered running up the score with the 3rd stringers in the game. Also, would you have felt better if we beat say Montana St. by 41 like MSU did? Does it really matter?

Wolverine In Exile

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You should not feel embarassed about victory at anytime. If THE HORROR and 3-9 taught us anything, we should embrace every victory we achieve and never be sorry for it. The NCAA set the rules of the game, and we followed them. There's an example every year of a I-AA team that gets emotionally up for a game and challenges the I-A team they're playing. We just happened to ACTUALLY SCHEDULE A CUPCAKE CORRECTLY FOR A CHANGE (see: Utah '08, THE HORROR, etc etc).

The goal ultimately is to win a Big Ten title and challenge for a National Title consistantly. The occasional cupcake is important to build depth at the back-up slots, allow a pseudo-bye week when one isn't available, and while not as altruistic, yes, fill the coffers so that Barwis can buy a completely new gym, the women's water polo team can exist, et al.

In short, DO NOT FEEL EMBARASSED. This over-the-top holier than thou shit is what got us to 2007-8 to begin with.


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Eastern Illinois
Norther Iowa
Illinois State

It's just the way things are done now-a-days.

And, we won 63-6 with class... no running up the score. Scout team TB getting two TDs. blocked punt for td (you try to tell special teams players not to do their job). 84 players seeing time.

There are countless examples every year of 56-7 games where teams are still piling on. Not our fault Del. St. was this bad.


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Running up the score, I'm not worried about. I was a little annoyed about going for it on fourth down when we were up by a zillion instead of kicking a field goal, but I've been talked off that ledge and convinced that that's an acceptable way of actually not running up the score. So I'm confident RichRod coached the game the right way in that respect. (Further burying the "Dick Rod" myth, as if we needed to throw any more dirt on that particular grave.)

And I get the above point that trying to do things the old-fashioned way all the time is what led to 2007-08, but I still also sorta think that just because Iowa and Illinois do things a certain way doesn't mean we should follow suit. Shouldn't we be able to get wins and earn money without scheduling DSU? I guess I don't know.

Wolverine In Exile

October 19th, 2009 at 1:05 PM ^

Just to show that we do it a little better... look at Florida's stat line for their game against Charleston Southern (a 70-3 FLA victory):

Florida Passing
T. Tebow 10/15 188 12.5 1 0
J. Brantley 8/12 67 5.6 2 0
Team 18/27 255 9.4 3 0

Compare to Michigan
Michigan Passing
N. Sheridan 7/9 88 9.8 0 0
D. Robinson 3/4 85 21.3 2 0
D. Cone 3/3 54 18.0 0 0
T. Forcier 2/2 39 19.5 0 0
Team 15/18 266 14.8 2 0

According to the Play by Play, Tebow played until alomst 8 min left in the 2nd quarter and probably would have played longer if Florida's returner hadn't returned a KO for a TD. Brantley, the backup, came in with 3 min left in the first half and played the rest of the way.

We, in contrast, let Tate play 1 series. Our backup QB played from 12 min in the 1Q until 7 min in the 2Q. Then our 3rd, 4th, and 5th QB's played out the game.

Bo used to do this too, so don't let anyone tell you "This isn't the Michigan way". I remember going to games against Long Beach St and Northwestern in the 80's & 90's where we scored in the 60's.


October 19th, 2009 at 1:18 PM ^

Yeah, but we have to play Northwestern. Long Beach State, I don't think we ever played (I was surprised to hear you mention them because I'd never heard of a game against them, and cfbdatawarehouse says we never played 'em), and App State was our first I-AA game ever.

Like I said: I'm not concerned about our conduct during the game. RR did it right. It's Bill Martin I'm sort of targeting.


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I would be embarrassed/unhappy if:

1. we lost/failed to win by a large margin.
2. we played the 1st team for a significant amount of time.
3. we had significant injuries come from a meaningless game (on either side).

Outside of that, I like seeing Michigan win, regardless of opponent. I did say okay in the 2nd quarter when the guy at the bar wanted to switch to the OSU-Purdue game because it was more competitive. That was an all-around win.

That said, I'm sure I would have felt a little bad for DSU if I had kept watching. Kinda like I felt bad when Georgia killed Hawaii in the Sugar Bowl 2 years ago. I don't think that we injured anyone on DSU (besides their pride). The same can't be said for Georgia who seemed to be injuring Warriors left and right in the second half of that game.

st barth

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embarrassed isn't the right word. we should feel sad that the ncaa has added a 12th game and effectively set up circumstances where there just aren't going to be many competitive games. as fans we should probably boycott these events.


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I don't like these games for several reasons but there's no need to feel ashamed of anything. Delaware St. knew they were walking into a very tough situation in exchange for a lot of money. I'll only be embarrassed if Michigan doesn't give them the money.

Crime Reporter

October 19th, 2009 at 12:50 PM ^

The Florida Gators schedule these type of opponents every year, and no one complains down here. I guess it's because they're in the SEC, the toughest conference known to man, according to all the "experts."

Maize and Blue…

October 19th, 2009 at 12:51 PM ^

and this was the only time you ever got to see your child play in the Big House in their career would you be embarrassed? I believe it was AnnArbor.com that had an article on Jack Kennedy and his parents (Dad celebrated 60th at DSU game).
In summary, Jack didn't make the team last year and his parents couldn't figure out why he asked for 4 footballs for his 19th Bday. He made the team this year and probably made his dad's Bday one he will never forget!
I don't know if I have ever seen first stringers so interested in a blowout. They were cheering on guys who work their butts off trying to make the team better and were getting a moment in the spotlight. Bravo to RR and staff for making sure everyone who isn't going to redshirt got in the game and got to play. That was a true display of family.


October 19th, 2009 at 1:18 PM ^

I found a random picture on Flickr of Mike Cox's big TD run (sorry no link). On the sidelines you can see Stevie Brown literally 3 feet up in the air smiling ear to ear behind the rest of the team (not sure if he was jumping or standing on a bench). The starters looked more excited in this game than the subs would after an OSU win (well not quite...). It was just awesome to see so many subs get some great reps in.


October 19th, 2009 at 1:10 PM ^

If you look up the "Wild Card U" in Howells ratings you will find it has a record of 5-80 this year. Wild Card U simply represents non 1-A competition this year to date. So in other words 85 games have been played between 1-A and lower subdivisions this year. It is no longer a reasonable position to establish some sense of "high ground" in scheduling when there isn't such a thing anymore. There are several examples of schools who schedule two non 1-A teams in just the last decade (this year = Mass + Tenn Tech). Miami has played FAMU for years and never gets raked over the coals like we do for 1 or 2 such games.


October 19th, 2009 at 3:39 PM ^

Who's going to mock us? Most other schools have played an FCS team or eight. I'm not thrilled to have played them, but whatever. We did at least play Notre Dame in one of our other OOC games.