Drew sharp on WWJ

Submitted by Adrian on March 11th, 2011 at 2:11 PM
Driving home from work to catch the game I tuned in to the station that carries the game on the radio and drew sharp was asked about the whole incident at Ohio state. His points were pretty solid, That he should he fired and that Ohio state acts like they're a university based on integrity when they're no better than the SEC. He also mentioned that Ohio state is a program that only cares about winning. What really pissed me off was that he included us in this category. Did anyone Else get a chance to hear him?



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Had life saving heart surgery as a kid and let himself become a obese piece of shit. Hes a bittet old man who never played a sport in his life.


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That is just another (of many) example that he is merely a shock-journalist.  He is asked about OSU and the current, and very newsworthy, story and he adds a "shock" shot at UofM so 50% of the listeners agree and 50% of the listeners get pissed.

He used a legit national story as an opportunity to spark controversy for those listening (MSU and UM fans).


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That everyone who is involved in college athletics is corrupt and evil.  That every coach, and every athetic director, and every college president is an abuser of student-athletes.  (And really, there are no student-athletes.)  The student athletes (such as they are) are occasionally a good story, but really they should all just turn pro.  College athletics is inherently, incorrigibly corrupt.  And every coach deserves to be fired, usually on about a biennial basis.

This is a guy who basically owes his career to having attended the University of Michigan, and his now-deleted "bio" from his now-defunct radio show stated that he spent his whole life as "a Michigan fan.  Then [he] grew up."