Drew Sharp has died

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Just saw on Twitter that Drew Sharp died this morning. Pretty crazy, he was fairly young. 

Edit: Freep link warning, but it's the only site with an article up so far:


"Drew Sharp, a Detroit Free Press columnist since 1999, died this morning at his home in Bloomfield Hills. He was 56."



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But I won't pretend to be something I'm not.  I'm not going to shed crocodile tears over someone I neither know personally nor never had a reason to like.

But neither would now be the appropriate time for me to dig up the hatchet.  If anyone's grieving, they shouldn't have to deal with that noise, so I'll leave it at that.


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I keep pushing that number higher and higher as my parents get older. They are in their 70s now and both are in good health. My view is totally skewed by how unusually healthy my parents are compared to their friends. It's strange. 


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It has nothing to do with numbers.  I am 47 and look like Im 32 and in better shape than 99 percent of men my age.  Unless something tragic happens, I expect to maintain this for at least the next 30 years.  Talk to me when Im 77-80...maybe I will be "old" then... I dont see it though not at the rate Im going.  Thank God.

Its about how you take care of yourself folks....Age is a number.

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I don't know if there is a tipping point, they way I think about it is the 60's is moderately young. I'm not surprised if someone in their 60s passes from natural causes, but I do think there is more of an unfortunate element to it, than someone in their 70s or above who I think would be pleased with the length of their life and are counting their blessings on each extra day. 

Whole Milk

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Do I care about a man's death who I have never met nor read with any frequency? I spent a few minutes thinking about the sadness and wished for wellness to his family and friends. Whether or not you think that is worth anything is moot, will I lose sleep over it? Probably not..

But your point was that you don't care about the posting of the news, which I think is invalid in my opinion because if not for the news, I would not have heard about this, as I do not read the freep. I think the same goes for many on this board, and he was a prominent figure in Michigan sports media. Definitely relative enough to not have the typical snobs on this blog sharing their opinions about them not caring enough to have this be news. 


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“Never participated in one minute of organized sports due to two open heart surgeries before the age of eight, but nonetheless became an accomplished sports columnist. Barely spoke as a child because of a debilitating stutter, but became a regular fixture on television and radio,” he wrote. “My story is no different than many others: Either you define yourself, or others will define you.”


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Apparently that's what he did. 

From Jeff Seidel's tribute to his colleague [ LINK ]: 

It’s like there were two sides to him. In person, he was ridiculously kind. Caring. Thoughtful. Funny. Encouraging. Helpful. Giving. In print, he was totally the opposite. He was a tough, critical writer who thoroughly loved his job, ripping when he thought somebody should be ripped, speaking his mind, often going against convention, sharing his opinion.

On Tuesday, we were together at a Tigers news conference, as general manager Al Avila talked about how he was going to reshape the team. Getting younger. Cutting costs. “There’s the negative table,” Avila joked, looking at a table where Sharp was sitting. Sharp smiled. He loved that persona. But he was more than a rip guy. He was also a dogged journalist. After the presser, Sharp grabbed Avila alone. Sharp had a way of focusing in on the issue, and to him, the issue was the Ilitch family. Was Chris Ilitch involved in this change of course? Or was it Mike Ilitch? Sharp got his story.


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that is crazy.  He just wrote what I thought was his best article in years about State's down season and I was like "Huh, that actually did not suck."  That was literally four days ago.  Had not heard of any illnesses.  I hope for all involved that this was a quick onset "natural cause" type deal and not something more unfortunate.

I hope people understand that he was a "shock jock" journalist/personality by trade and was often hired specifically to offend and be contrarian.  Not a fan of the guy but this is sad news.


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Mabel, when you say "that was his job" do you envision a job interview where he was asked if he could be relentlessly negative about UM athletics?

I think writing was his job, what he wrote was his choice.