Drew Sharp to be replaced by Michigan Daily writer

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I have an inside source as the Detroit Free Press. He shared with me his thoughts about the paper's continuing decline in editorial content. Apparently the higher-ups at the paper are upset that subscriber revenue has plummeted in the last several weeks, also. He also told me that Drew Sharp failed to complete his expense report log last month. This was all on the low-down hush hush, until, as my inside source revealed, Andy Reid was seen on State Street talking to a person known to be affiliated with the Free Press. According to my inside source, Drew Sharp will be offically terminated Friday, and the Free Press has offered Andy Reid $10,000 a year plus expenses to take Sharp's position (a 10% reduction from Sharp's salary).



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While I don't appreciate Sharp's douchebaggery, I hate to hear of someone losing their job. If he really is let go, I hope he lands on his feet.


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Failed to complete his expense report? This is simply UNACCEPTABLE. Where is Free Press Compliance on all of this? The editors had said Sharp would be allowed to finish out his contract, but obviously this is the sort of thing a fine institution like the Free Press will not tolerate.


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Yeah, a guy who knows a guy who used to copyedit for the Free Press said that this guy (who used to copyedit) actually said Drew Sharp was "absolutely on his way out after his next column."

This guy (guy 1 above) was telling the TRUTH and I know this because when he (the copyeditor) said this HE WAS THROWING HIS WALLET AT THE GUY (guy 1).

Nobody throws his wallet unless he's serious. Drew Sharp is bye-bye.

Fortunately, we know the Free Press sports section won't have a hard time replacing him, because it's THE FREE PRESS! which I just bolded and italicized and caps-locked and exclamated there, so you know they can get
anybody they want.

I bet Ethan Gooderum is available!

Shalom Lansky

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I'm familiar with Brian's hatred of the word unacceptable and thereby mgoblog's dislike of the word, but it is an actual word with appropriate uses.

In journalism classes (at U of M) journalistic standards were something not to be taken lightly. I remember being taught that journalists, althoough not licensed like docs or lawyers, considered themselves a professional group akin to docs and lawyers b/c of strict standards. To flagrantly disregard such standards is unacceptable. Therefore, Freep = Unacceptable.


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...is better than anyone they have at the freep right now except Albom. And I am giving the pompous, arrogant Albom a free pass because his bestselling books and his spot on ESPN give him a little bit of justification for his arrogance.


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Andy Reid writes well, does good investigative work, and actually reports on the news.

Mitch Albom is a hack who relies on schmaltz, he has literally mailed-in pre-written columns, and he represents nearly everything pompous and undeservedly arrogant about dead-tree journalism.*

-1 to you, sirrah, and may the tentacles have mercy on your soul.


*For the record, this isn't one of those "only say it online" kind of comments. I've told as much to Mr. Albom, to his face. I've never met Mr. Reid, but I'd do him the same courtesy.


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a good-natured (term is debatable) humor post by a forum-goer to discredit a blog that is run by a person (heretofore Brian) whom is related to said forum-goer only by virtue of forum-goer having an account on Brian's site, then that somebody needs to seriously rethink his or her logic.

edit: I hope you're joking