Draymond Green on Who Owns the State of Michigan

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UMHoops.com has this interesting tidbit in this morning's round up:

Draymond Green took part in Sam Hosey’s Spartan Fastbreak Show and provided this quotes (transcribed by Joe Rexrode) in regards to what was worse: a first round NCAA loss or being swept by Michigan:

“I have to go with the loss to Michigan because that’s gonna stick with me forever right here (pointing to heart). Like, it hurts so bad, I didn’t know the feeling because I’d never lost to them prior to this year. And then to lose twice, it still bothers me. Because it’s Michigan and I hate, just, it makes them feel like they’re better than us. After them not winning at the Breslin for like 13 years, however long it was. And now they feel like this is their state. And this is Michigan State’s state. We own this state, it’s our state. And it gives them the hope and a crazy reason to think this is their state. And I completely disagree with that 100 percent.”

On the one hand, Green and MSU certainly have recent history on their side. On the other hand, U-M clearly won the battle of Michigan this season. The situations are, of course, reversed for football and so any arguments pro and con will have a nice mirror image quality to them (that is, if you're being intellectually honest -- and when it comes to rivalries, we all know that being intellectually honest is always the first consideration).

In the end, U-M's success will need to be duplicated for several more years before it can clearly be said that Green's assertion is unsupportable. That said, it's not crazy to think that it won't be the case soon enough.



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MSU has really only owned the state for 10-12 years. I'd say it was more like they rented it, but this year the repo men came and took it back.
<br>Remember, Izzo didn't beat UofM his first two years at MSU.


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He was actually giving us a lot of respect in his blog-type-substance on ESPN.com at the beginning of the year, saying we'd be a team to look out for (especially after that win over Clemson).  Maybe he didn't really believe it himself though...

Either way, the parallels between basketball and football couldn't be much clearer, and it's pretty amusing.


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For what it's worth, though, they asked him for his opinion on all the teams, and he didn't have much bad to say about any of them. Indiana probably got the  worst of it, which was something to the effect of, 'it'll take them a while to climb out of the Crean mess", but even Iowa got a, "they're moving in the right direction by hiring McCafferty. They'll be tough."

He actually, in retrospect, seemed to have a really good take on the conference. Indiana would be worst. Iowa would be up and coming. PSU would have nothing except Battle, but he would be huge, M could surprise, etc.


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coming from a guy who wasn't wanted by MSU until Michigan started to put on the heat on Green.  Michigan was all set to land Green until MSU finally offerred him a scholarship at the last minute to land him.


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I find it ironic he is talking about MSU owning the state....considering he originally committed to Kentucky and had to wait till they didn't have enough room in their class before he committed to the Spartans. Maybe he should worry about trying to beat the exact same team (with a couple top recruits to add depth) next year without the only guy who could score for them last year.


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Umm, ill spell it out:

It's ironic because he wouldn't even be playing for the team that owns the state of Michigan (and didn't even get an offer from them) until the team he committed to told him he couldn't come there and Michigan started recruiting him hard.


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As was said above, the big difference between this being a mirror image of football is that in both sports, Michigan is the historical power.  Sure, MSU bball owned us for about a decade, but before about year 2000 that was never the case.  We fared poorly against them from 2000- 2010 but this year we swept them and we could very well be right back to where we were before Izzo won that championship in 2000. 

No one older than 25 or so really thinks MSU owns the state for either sport.


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Look, citing the overall record in basketball doesn't change the fact that Izzo has owned the state of Michigan in basketball for about 15 years.  That's an eternity in this what-have-you- done-for-me-lately world, of which I am a card-carrying member.  I don't care anymore that we had Cazzie Russel and racked up a bunch of wins 20+ years ago.  I can't celebrate those wins anymore. Recruits don't care either and they're the ones who matter.  

For too long, we've been trying to cover up the hurt of losing by citing these ancient records (a la ND football fans).  I want to win now and in the future.  This year was amazing, and hopefully Beilein is on the right path to upending Izzo's stranglehold on the state.

I agree that bball and football are not a mirror image for the historical reasons you mention.  But I'm more concerned with the future than the past, and as mentioned in other posts, we have some catching up to do in the present and future.


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I think the University of the State and not the State's State College University owns the state. Actually, in technical terms, the state owns both....


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Since Penn is a private Ivy league so they aren't like traditional U of __ schools.  And they certainly own that state in terms of academics.  The reason most U of ___ schools "own" their state is because they are older, richer schools.  Ohio is one of the few states that doesn't have a U of ___ that fits the bill.  LSU is the another exception to the rule of "owning."  The UL schools are pretty pathetic.


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This is why I hate Draymond and wish he was not from Saginaw. Dude is a huge crybaby and thinks that he never fouls anybody. Also, I think his freshman year was his best season and he has kinda been in neutral since.


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"Because it’s Michigan and I hate, just, it makes them feel like they’re better than us." That quote right there is why no matter how many games they could possibly win, they will always be Michigan's little brother. You really don't hear that very much from the other rivalries out there. Inferiority complex?


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MSU basketball never owned the state...they just leased it.  It seems that Michigan had a terrible landlord in Brian Ellerbe who leased, to MSU for mere pennies, the rights to State of Michigan Basketball dominance.  Then, Tommy Amaker renewed the lease and, in another sad act, vowed to wear mock turtlenecks whenever possible.  

Fortunately, the lease is coming to an end and Coach Beilein has no intention of allowing State to remain in possession, even as holdover tenants.  

Desmonlon Edwoodson

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Apparantly Zack Novak had a pretty stern exchange with Hosey after the show.  Zack's response went something like this:

"Listen you LCC reject.  You want to talk to Day Day, you check with me first.  Hell, you want to look at Day Day, you check with me first.  You think you're special because Tom Izzo lests you cup his junk?  Let me tell you something.  When Tom Izzo wants to get with Day Day, he's sending some stamps my way first.  You see the palm print on that oak tree over there?  Bitch better stop wagging its tongue.  Thats all I'm going to say."


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a way recruiting class this year and have way bigger and better bigs. We gotta start recruiting better to be a long term factor in the big ten. But Coach B. has done a great job so far.