Drake Harris Visit Reaction

Submitted by MJ14 on February 25th, 2013 at 11:03 AM

Looks like the visit this weekend was a good one for Drake Harris.

Drake Harris may be visiting #Michigan again soon, per @SWiltfong247 ($): http://michigan.247sports.com/Article/Michigan-Has-Great-Impact-On-Drak…

Also, Coach Brown from The M Block tweeted this:

Wilton Speight tells me he and Drake Harris got very close during this weekend's visit. They actually talked about being roommates.




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why UM isn't at least on top. MSU and OSU have questions marks for who their QB will be and OLine will look like in 2 years...UM has multiple blue chips in the key areas that will help him reach his full potential.


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Michigan wide receivers haven't been great since Manningham left.  Roundtree had a pretty good season in 2010, but Greg Mathews, Darryl Stonum, Junior Hemingway, etc. didn't really light the world on fire.  There's potential there and guys have played well for short stretches of time, but if you look at the overall body of work in recent years, places like Alabama, Oklahoma State, USC, Oklahoma, etc. have much better WR traditions in the last five years.

The Wolf

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I'm not sure if this is stupid or confusing, but how do you see the coaches recruting a player like Harris (any WR or QB for that matter)?

What I mean is do you think they point to SDSU and say "look what we did there!", do they point to another CFB team and say "that's exactly where we are going", do they do the same with an NFL team? Maybe Hoke and Borges just say, "Listen, this is the type of offense we want to run with X and Y percentages of run/pass, etc."

Obviously, all of these kids have the Michigan offense led by Denard most fresh in their minds, while some may even have memories of Henne. I'm just curious on your feeling as to "how" they have been and will continue to go about this.

Sorry if that doesn't make any sense at all.

The Wolf

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You're probably correct for the vast majority of recruits. I just figured if, let's say you are a Midwest recruit (in Drake's case, in MI) and (per your example) you were 12 years old or so in that 2006-2007 time, you probably saw a number of highlights/stories/interviews/etc. with Henne. I would have to think those kids at least remember hearing about/seeing all the build-up to the 2006 Michigan-OSU game.


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All of the above.

They sell the #1 jersey.  They point to the great college seasons by Braylon Edwards, Mario Manningham, and perhaps others (Terrell, Walker, etc.).  They point to Shane Morris and Devin Gardner and Wilton Speight.  They told Daniel Helm about how they used Gavin Escobar at SDSU, so I would imagine they say the same things about the 1,000-yard seasons for their wide receivers there.

When these guys schedule visits to campus, the coaches put together presentations for how they plan to use these kids.  They don't just walk into a room and say "Hey, Drake. So do you have any questions for us?"  Coaches even do that sort of thing if you're visiting a D-II school, but obviously a school like Michigan is going to make it even bigger and more professional.

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Thanks for the response. And I do understand how those campus visits and presentations go, I was lucky enough to do a few of those myself (defintiely not D-I . . . or even good D-II, really, haha). I was just curious if you had any further insight or opinion on how they might be going about it. I would have to imagine it is easier to sell a local recruit on the history and legacy type things about the program, but perhaps I'm wrong.

Thanks again, Magnus.

EDIT: All of that, plus it just seems like so many things these days are geared towards the "here and now." How quick can I play, how quick can I make the NLF . . . AD's are asking what did you do for me THIS season, coach, etc. As a highly-touted recruit, I can very much understand hesitation when looking at some positions at UofM (highly rated 5-star QB, for instance, is not from the area, and has only viewed Michigan with Denard).


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As far as tradition/legacy, I think it depends on what kind of recruit it is.  If it's a kid who doesn't care whether he stays close to home or not, or if he has a troubled home life and might want to get far away, then that local stuff might not matter so much.  I don't know about Harris's home life, but he's not a transplant to the area and he obviously has some interest in staying close to home since he originally committed to MSU.  They may not be the deciding factor, but I would imagine those school and in-state traditions would help a little bit.


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The narrative on his career here does not do him justice.  He had a great senior year.  Was he the prototypical speed/size combo on the outside...no.  But he was a dominant jump ball WR, and lets be fair, he wasnt exactly in a system taking advantage of big, athletic, but not the quickest WRs under the RR system.  Other than that I agree.  WRs have not panned out as of late.  MSU and OSU havent lit the world on fire either, however, since Plaxico Burress and Santonio Holmes respectively.


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Yea because oklahoma, ok state, Alabama and Usc have all put what one receiver each in the NFL in the last 5 years... has USC put any in? Not that Michigan has had a reciver recruit even close to the caliber of Justin Blackmon, Julio Jones, Marqise Lee and Robert Woods.

Most recruits hat are 4-5 stars pretty much think they'll go to the NFL no matter where they play


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Oklahoma wideouts put up good numbers most years, Oklahoma State has produced Justin Blackmon and Dez Bryant in recent years, USC has put out several good receivers (Steve Smith, Damian Williams, Ronald Johnson, not to mention the guys who are playing right now), and Alabama put out Julio Jones and currently has Amari Cooper.

All of those teams have been better at WR production from the post-Carr era until now.  And I'm sure there are others, too.


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When you say "all those teams have been better at WR production from the post-Carr era until now," you could almost swap any position in for WR (except maybe O-line).  Might be more accurate to say (as I think you do later in this thread), that WRs weren't eager to play with Denard.  The RR running spread offense wasn't a WR's dream.  What 5* WR wants to be a decoy?

Things will normalize.


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I agree completely. However, none of those schools are either msu or Ohio, the two teams the poster mentioned that you are commenting on. In recent years, I think one can say that Ohio and msu might have ha more success at WR but not completely. We could easily poit to two transitions between different styles of offense and the lack of a elite passing QB, which we can argue we are developing and getting, as the differences between our production of WRs versus msu and Ohio.


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With Speight is doing this much work at recruiting this early in the process, that early offer by the coaches is looking smarter and smarter. Great to see Harris had a good time, too.