Drake Harris is still on the team

Submitted by ldevon1 on October 10th, 2017 at 8:08 AM

And according to Sam, he has moved back to offense this week. 



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are being called for receivers who have his level of experience.

Who is our QB coach? Pep. Who is our WR coach? Pep. Who is our passing game coordinator? Pep. Well, I will trust the players on their assessment that he is developing them at those positions. The main problem is that he's calling passing plays as if they are already fully developed.

So, let's not underestimate how much Harris's return from his hammy may help our current problems.

Even Drake's increased knowledge of the CB position will actually help him understand and execute better those tiny little windows that he is supposed to open, and into which JOK is supposed to throw.


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Yeah lets just run our inept rushing attack into their great run defense in the rain when everyone is expecting a run and teeing off on it. That's gonna work. You'd be complaining just as much if that happened and be comparing him to urban meyer and how he never passes in the rain and hands games to MSU.


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I don't want to get too critical of our coaches and their decisions - because after all, we are all merely outsiders looking in - but shouldn't they have seen the need for more "experience at the outside" before the god damned season started, and maybe thus left him on offense to begin with? Just thinking aloud here...  


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As with backup QBs, we only get to see the guys playing struggling, we don't know if the guys behind them are any better. The odds are that they are not barring coaching incompetence (not likely) or a guy that is only good in games but bad in practice (also not likely).


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If true, that's an interesting development, and I assume it is to bolster the WR options for O'Korn, but I am far more interested in what the actual strategy is going to be on offense for Indiana and who - hopefully a singular who - is responsible for concocting it. I honestly can't fathom how the playcalling by committee, as alluded to yesterday in another thread, is working with the current arrangement on that side of the ball. 


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That article from last month about going to bball just never specified if he was still on the team or not.    Sounds like he was requested to come back to the offensive side.  I would say he might barely see the field, but we did see Moe Ways last weekend... how much worse can we get?  At least Drake Harris doesn't have problem with drops (I know.. small sample size so far).     


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Fred Jackson was great when he had Wheatley, Biakabatuka. Hart and Anthony Thomas, Chris Perry, but when he had Vincent Smith, Mike Shaw, and Fitz Toussaint he sucked. The same backs we had last year (other than DeVeon Smith) are here, doing pretty much the same thing they did last year, (with a new coach). The receivers are all new with the exception of Crawford ( 5 recptions last yr) and Grant Perry who actually is better than last yr, but the coaching sucks? Players need to play. There is a reason most freshman don't make a major contribution. It takes time. There is always an exception (Tarik Black), but the rule seems to be playing out this year, thus far. 


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This offense needs another guy that Pep can send 40 yards downfield while providing no checkdown option to O'Korn.

I love that we are running the offense that got Andrew Luck killed with the Colts.


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He just missed them. If you can stomach it, watch the game again. He got hit, and after that he got happy feet. He showed why Speight was starting. Speight missed a few open receivers, but O'Korn never even looked at open receivers. I assume Peters is worse than O'Korn at seeing the whole field.