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"Does anyone really want some punk whose twitter name is Drizzy Get Busy? Sounds like a tool"

"Seems like he's all about the attention...not the MSU/Dantonio type"

and my favorite "Dantonio doesnt want him, he's not good enough"

you can't make this stuff up...the best part about msu stereotypes is that they're all true, they have a massive inferiority complex and it's hilarious. 


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Perhaps, but they've already had to lock and delete two other threads on the RCMB because the fans were getting a little out of hand over the news of Harris' decommitment.  While it's true that all fanbases have their share of assholes, the Spartan fanbase definately seems to be made up of a higher percentage of them.


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"I agree. Although I wouldnt be surprised if there were some walmarters out there who create twitter accounts and harass MSU recruits pretending to be MSU fans. They seriously have no lives."

That's right folks, Michigan fans masquerading as negative Spartan fans are legion in the Twitterverse.  These guys are delusional.

Decatur Jack

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courtesy of RCMB: (linky)

RT “@CoachBrown3: 2014 WR Drake Harris on MSU: "It just isn't the place where I want to be for football."”

wonder who got in his ear, its taking EVERY ounce of self-control not to go off on some rant.

And there is the nail in that coffin


Not the first time that's happened. Won't be the last either.

Maybe he was one of those awesome "I'm an MSU basketball and UofM football fan" people.

Coach D needs to kill his scholarship offer out of principle. You don't commit here, post pictures of MSU with "home sweet home," and then start spending tons of time at scUM and sing their fight song.

*yawn* There are plenty of WR recruits out there. Not like we were strapped for WR talent anyway.

The kid bought all the BS Hoke was telling him about us. Our coaches have to do a better job of recruiting, Harris was ours to lose and obviously MD and company didn't get the job done.

This is such fucking bullshit. God it is so tough to be a Spartan sometimes.


Short turn this doesn't hurt the team much, WR talent is fine right now. But long term, this hurts perceptions about our program. A highly ranked kid who grew up a fan wanted to check out "bigger football schools" and will likely attend one.

He visited Michigan 3 weekends in a row? Jesus.

If it was simply a matter of "Coach, I may have jumped the gun and I need to decommit and look at my options," then that would have been a different story. However, Harris remained committed to MSU but he was acting like he was a strong verbal to scUM. Singing Hail to the Victors as a MSU commit after the MSU/scUM game? Ridiculous.

Worst part of this is that it is starting look like Michigan picks who thy want, then OSU, then we get what's left. It is annoying because coach D is 10x the coach fat boy is.

I know you guys are fishing but let's be honest, the kid wants to play at a national football program. The reason why he picked here in the first place is because he was playing both sports and didn't have many major football offers. He is focusing on football and then the offers rolled in.

Writing on the wall.

Obviously some of the comments have since been deleted. I tried to snag as many nuggets as I could before they delete the thread altogether.


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national football recruit if he's committed to MSU. Only slightly kidding.

I certainly want him Blue, but hope he checks out the powerhouses (even Bama) so he knows UM is the best place for him.


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Since he decommited, I decided to watch his video. Man is he a smooth runner. He just glides past people. Very good athlete, hope he goes Blue.


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He was just interviewed by some guy named Kevin Gehl at WLNS (Lansing TV 6). Here's a tidbit that will be loved by Sparty "Im just playing football now, I wanna play at a bigger school, win a national championship."

Yep. Sounds about right.


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I don't really take any pleasure in the State schadenfreude. I'm just happy because at this juncture, we look like a lock for a top tier in-state player at a position of weakness.

I don't really follow recruiting at all, but I will actually be awaiting this Hello post.


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It looks good but I wouldn't say "lock" for us just yet.  He visited MSU a lot and has now visited us a lot.  He has already discussed going to visit OSU and being a 2014 recruit, it looks like this is just now getting started rather than coming to an end.  He has expressed interest in OSU, Alabama, and I think ND and Oregon as well.  I'm betting this is going to be a long wait and see what happens.



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Definitely agree and I think the way this is going right now (basically an explosion inside of a circus inside of a bum rush of schools trying to contact him and get him to visit) it's probably for the best.  What is there left to see after spending the last couple weekends in AA?  I am sure he has met some of the recruits and seen everything the campus and staff can offer.  Now he has made it clear he wants to get out and see some other schools.  It's best we don't end up like MSU (or OSU with Marshall) and jump on him right now only to see him reopen things at a later date.  Let him live it up now, get it all out, then hopefully come back when he sees his best options here.


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For the past 4 years, MSU has made my blood boil. Now it's basically back to being, "Aww, you guys had a good little run and tried sooo hard!! Great job!!"

For the long term success of michiganstate, I really think they need to follow oregon's lead with the uniforms. They have a pretty cool logo, pretty classic colors that could make some really cool uniforms if they would get creative and take some risks. Also, when Michigan is running a pro-style offense, they need to accept that they will just not be able to compete with us and run a spread-like offense. Maybe that sounds arrogant? I think it's just realistic. Jim Bollman, really? Lol


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Let's see. Harris visits Ann Arbor 3 weekends in a row and then decommits from MSU one day after his last visit. I'd say we're in good shape but I do think it'll be awhile before he makes any decision IMO.