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Sparty fans have still considered him a commit before today when he's been spending all his time in AA vs. East Lansing.  If we was really commited to MSU, he would have been spending time with future teammates and coaches in E.L. building relationships.  3 weekends in a row in Ann Arbor when things were also going on in Spartyland pretty much was all she wrote for his commitment. 


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he was being a total dick and bashing other MGoMembers for not being as rich/successful/accomplished as him.  I think he also said hardly anyone on this blog attended(attends) UM.  

I'm actually a fan of Rager.  I thought he was pretty funny, but he's had a mean streak lately.


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Plus he speculated that Magnus was merely posing as a High School Coach who loves Michigan and uses his "recruiting prowess" to brainwash us into submitting Earth to the will of the duck aliens of Glipnar VII, but I may have been huffing paint thinner during that.


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Smart move by the mods to act on this. They don't need Drake or his family to see him being smeared online because some unruly fans think that is the way to react when a HS athlete does not appear committed to their program any more. It didn't win Kyle Kalis back to OSU, and it is unlikely to win Drake Harris to MSU. Their best move is to be gracious as he completes the recruiting process. It is far from over for him.


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Out of curiosity how old are you? I don't want this to sound dickish because I have an honest curiosity but do people, especially younger people, really let what they would read online written by a bunch faceless fanatical people have an affect on them? I am 35 and just can't relate to this mindset.


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I'm 42. I don't know that I would personally overreact to what an internet mob has to say, but again, let's think back to the Kyle Kalis situation. I don't know if the internet nonsense was a factor in his decision making, but I do know that there is no way it helped OSU in the matter.


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I am of the opinion that if he is really troubled by any of that, he has a difficult road ahead.

That isn't to say that I approve of such activity - but it is just a fact of life that any individual, in any walk of life must face as soon as they poke their respective heads up out of the turnip patch.

Edit: once again, I would like to thank my fellow MGoBloggers for watching and reporting on the goings-on over in EL. I just can't bring myself to go read, but I am still curious, and enjoy a good laugh from time to time.

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Yeah you must've checked before some of these jewels rolled in:

  • "Is UM just negatively recruiting against us and flat out lying to these kids?"
  • "Do we think UM is cheating again? Has to keep up with O$U and $EC"
  • And my personal favorite, "Does anyone realy want some young punk whose Twitter handle is "Drizzy Get Busy"? Sounds like a tool"   ... because Sparty athletes are well known for their poise and self-restraint on social media.


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this is amazing


InTenSity said...

Someone on tBB posted quotes from recruits, without naming the recruits. One of them said something to the effect of, I was going to go to MSU, until my coaches pointed out they haven't put any Oline (or some position) into the NFL, I never knew that and it changed my mind immediately. They showed me the (position) and that they had put people into the NFL, I just couldn't be selfish with my decision and had to make the best decision for me.

Granted, if we can take walkon recievers and put them in the NFL for a couple of years, maybe the coaching up part is better than the recruiting. I'll try to reserve any judgements on the staff until after this year. One more mediocre year, and I would hope something will be done offensively.


I get it..we haven't put anybody on the Oline in the NFL in a while. Fine. But what recruits need to understand that in order to get players into the NFL we need talent. We will see what happens this year with Bollman on board. 

If thats sarcasm then its the best ever...if not baahahahahahhahahahhahhaha