The Denarding

May 3rd, 2011 at 10:16 PM ^

Didn't our hearts know he was gone, but our head didn't want to believe of luck to him in the draft.

If he goes in the second round he will be a steal for someone.  There are a lot of players in the NBA who need to work on going to their left and their jump shot but if you aren't bothered by school, classes, etc. then it becomes infinitely easier to work on those things.  The two things he has are height and a natural gift to find open shooters.  I think he may actually do alright in the NBA - the comparisons to Andre Miller are pretty dead on and Andre had a good career in the NBA.

Unfortunately one of my best friends works for the NBA in operations and finance, and he said the likelihood of a season next year is very minimal.  This is what I worry about for him as he is going to be in limbo and stuck watching his team play without him.

I also feel badly for Jordan Morgan who is going to decline in production significantly without Darius around. 

But for Darius - I'm happy he is realizing a dream. 




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They make the same amount of money but he has way more flexibility in choosing a team that would actually keep him around (like Harris). Unless Morris totally blows it this weekend, there's no way he'll go undrafted.


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you're stuck with a team who drafted you that may not be a good fit for yourself and the contract aren't guaranteed.  UDFA gets to choose teams and would have the same contract as the 2nd round pick.  Huge advantage to be a UDFA as opposed to 2nd round pick.  This is why I was happy that Manny Harris went undrafted because he picked the best possible situation and made the team.  Now, he's the future for the Cavs.

The Denarding

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I also really like Trey Burke.  He is the kind of point guard (in a two guard set) that makes a Beilein offense really work. 

The question is who will be the sharp shooting big that helps spread the floor?



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Exactly why I was worrying when he declared but didnt hire an agent. Everybody told me not to worry and that he will come back, but no. Why would he enter if he was serious at all about coming back?


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Is this for sure? Has a deadline passed or coming up? I know it came from UMhoops, but there is still some hope right? He hasn't said anything on twitter. Yes, I quickly stalked him.


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JB can point to Morris that he can develop them into a NBA player.  This will be the norm for Michigan program and I'll take that tradeoff because recruiting will improve and JB was often criticized for not able to identify and develop NBA talent.  This will silence critics.


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I hope everything works out all right for Darius because I know it can't go left. Seriously if this is true best of luck to the young man and thanks for an exciting season. I don't think he is ready but with so many others staying this may actually be a smart move despite how it looks on the surface.


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Good luck to him, but I just dont see him being ready yet to go up against the likes of Derrick Rose, D-Will, Chris Paul, etc. I know the Pistons could sure use him, or maybe his hometown Lakers.

Looks like all of our points are gonna come on 3s next year....


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Everybody was assuming he would be back when Katz said so this morning. I'll believe he's gone when it happens. This is just D-Mo's version of The Process. Except with fewer airplanes.


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Obviously I wish him the best with whatever his decision is and we can't blame him for following his dream.  But the thing that really irritates me is that he specifically said he was returning next year after the Duke game.  If you're not sure about whether or not you want to leave say it, but don't lie.


May 3rd, 2011 at 10:48 PM ^

Michigan cannot afford this. The dreams of the program and Bacari Alexander's "Grow Blue" campaign are, for the immediate future, crushed.

If this story is true, Morris showed about as much loyalty to Michigan as Josh Selby showed to Kansas -- zilch. Moving at this stage says you could not wait to get out the first time it seemed even remotely plausible and while numerous players with better stocks than you are sticking it out in college (two of them play for Ohio fucking State).

The difference is Josh Selbys grow on trees for Kansas, and most of his talent level will accomplish more than he did before leaving. Last time I checked, Darrius Morrises don't grow on trees for Michigan.

There is a reason why all but the biggest programs are wary of taking kids who can't wait to leave.



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I agree that there is a difference between being a "hater" and having an opinion that questions the logic behind this decision.  Like others have stated, I wish Morris the best, but the Euro and D-leagues are littered with guys who were told they were "solid" 1st rounders who never made it.  And after what we saw with Donovan Warren being "at worst" a 3rd-rounder, I'm dubious of anyone's opinion as it relates to the the professional drafts.


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even though i wish he would return, seems like this year was his best chance to make the first round with so many guys staying in school who would have been ahead of him, not to mention the incoming crop of one and dones @ kentucky, louisville, unc and st johns (?).  

can't complain too much - this is what happens when john beilein recruits kids with potential nba skills - there's a chance they will leave before they're ready/we as fans want them to.

i wish him the best - maybe it will show some 2013 and beyond kids - that you can get to the nba by way of michigan again.

by the way - dear michigan <blank> hating god - dude, when are you going to let up?


May 3rd, 2011 at 10:53 PM ^

If the overall goal is to simply get drafted and be in the league, then I guess that it makes sense.  I just can't help but feel that barring injury, his stock would only go up this year.  UofM would make significant noise with him, and they would get a lot of good press and he would be in the spotlight. 

Regardless of what he decides, he needs to polish his game.  I think it would be better to polish it a year at UofM, enjoying college, being the big man, etc rather than in the NBA as a rookie, under the pressure of a contract and expectations.

Maybe it's just me.  I just think that the upside of staying outweighs the upside of leaving.  Then again, I loved college and would gladly go back.


May 3rd, 2011 at 11:41 PM ^

That will affect his first contract no doubt, but think in terms of a five year plan...he's going to rush into the league requiring minimum 1-2 years to fill out his game. By that time Barnes and all the guys he rushed to draft ahead of, will be in the league, possibly taking his spot as they will be equally improved
<br>There is a chance he could improve more as an NBA rookie bench player than a star college player, I don't know
<br>Just seems like all of these decisions are based entirely on a short term NBA rookie contract, rather than an actual NBA career.
<br>I believe Marcus Taylor used the same logic.


May 3rd, 2011 at 10:54 PM ^

I'm not at all surprised.  I think he's more of a system guy than a raw talent.  He might find a perfect home for his game as we've seen it but in the macro I don't see a lot of opportunities for a PG without big time quicks or a perimeter shot.