Down goes #2 Kansas

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Stanford beat Kansas 60 - 57. Another one bites the March Madness dust.



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I loved this hilarious Kansas Sweet Sixteen prediction from Grantland last year.  Keep in mind, this was before the Kansas - Michigan game when Johnson grabbed McGary, missed the free throw that led to "The Trey", and missed a runner that would have won it for Kansas: 
Bill Self will become so enraged with Elijah Johnson that his toupee will fall off.
Self and Johnson have an interesting relationship, and by “interesting,” I mean that before every game, I’m pretty sure Self pulls Johnson aside and gives him the following speech:
“I’ve worked my ass off to get to where I am today. I spent seven years coaching at small schools in Tulsa just to get the chance to coach at a big-time program. Now I’m here. I have multiple luxury automobiles, I own real estate all over the greater Lawrence area, and women throughout the Midwest want to lay with me. Look me in the eye, Elijah. I have it all, I tell you. IT. ALL. And I’m not about to let some shithead like you ruin it for me. God as my witness, if the other team’s point guard outplays you tonight, I will end you. Your corpse will spend eternity in the crawl space of my summer home, and when guests ask, ‘What’s that smell?” I’ll tell them it’s the scent of mediocrity. It’s the smell of a guy who wasn’t half the man that Tyshawn, Sherron, or Mario were. Look at me, Elijah. I’ll tell them it’s the smell of a man who fell short of success one too many times.
“Alright, good talk. Remember: Just go out there and play your hardest, and everything will take care of itself. Go get ’em, buckaroo.”


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and I don't think it was particularly large leap of faith

For Dayton, they came in going 10-2 in their last 12. OSU and Syracuse were both awful on offense and bad to finish the year. Looked winnable for a hot Dayton team

For Stanford, New Mexico always seems flakey. And I thought I heard Stanford had two big men and with Embiid being out for KU that sounded like one Stanford could win.

Snow Sucks

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Some of the assholes on the RCMB never cease to amaze me. Every team Michigan has to play next, those morons on that god forsaken forum convince themselves that they will pound Michigan. It's also funny seeing comments like, "Now they have another easy road to the final four."

Last time I checked, we had one of the toughest roads to the title game last year. 


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Most of them would have offed themselves if Michigan had won it all last year. I read every round how Michigan wouldn't be able to handle the next team. It was hilarious. BUT the same thing could probably be said about comments how MSU will fall back to earth after winning the B1G in 2010 on here. 

Smash Lampjaw

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of how many games MSU has played this season which were the worst officiated games anyone has ever seen, by people who do not generally like to blame officiating or make excuses. Every game is fought 5 against 20, with officials, Jim Delaney, the NCAA, and the Blue Wall all against them. Such overwhelming odds they continue to overcome, just because they play basketball like football.


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of any of the top contenders to the FF, IF,if, if it is Virginia and Iowa State. Louisville- Witchita State and MSU-Virginia could be the best matches in Sweet 16. This has been a great tournament  so far!


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In 11 years Self and Kansas have had 2 inexcusable losses, lost to a Cinderalla once, lost to final four participants twice, lost to national title runner ups 3 times, been national title runner up once, and national champs once. We have to wait and see what happens with Stanford, but I definitely wouldn't say Kansas is usually a paper tiger.


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Over the last thirty years (ever since Larry Brown, one of the true masters of self-promotion, was coaching there) very few schools have received love (from the press, etc.) out of proportion to their accomplishments more than Kansas.

In many years they beat up on an inferior conference, got a #1 seed, then played at least a few of their games in Kansas City during the tourney.

It's not that they didn't accomplish anything; rather, from all the good press you'd assume that they had multiple national championships. Not really.


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I knew Kansas wasn't making it out of the 1st weekend without Embiid. Problem was, I had EKU upsetting them and then NMU heading to the Sweet 16. Oh well, at least it's one less high seed in my bracket's way.


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The 3 guys who could potentially go 1,2,3 in the draft are not making it to the Sweet Sixteen.  It is always interesting to see that in this age of the one and done, very little beats experience and good coaching.