Dorian Bell suspended according to Bucknuts

Submitted by m1jjb00 on May 1st, 2011 at 4:50 PM

Bucknuts is reporting that Ohio State sophomore linebacker Dorian Bell was suspended for the year.  Alongtheolentangy picked up the story, which is where I saw it, and said that it would be for a team rule that he broke for a third time.



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He was suspended for the Sugar Bowl and would be suspended for the opening game, which I suppose was for the second violation.  It didn't seem like he would be a starter, despite the recruiting guru stats but was solidly in the two deep.


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I'd ask if this was something that might generate some Fulmer Cup points... but I think Auburn has it pretty much wrapped up at this point. Everyone else is fighting (and stealing, and drinking, and driving on suspended licenses) for second place.

Zone Left

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This is an internal team issue. The comments seem to think he loves him the reefer, which would be a Fulmer Cup issue, but he'd have to get caught by the police to help OSU in the standings there.


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First Tressel embarrasses the conference by lying.

Then Nebraska embarrasses its future conference by getting kicked out of the Association of American Universities.

Now Penn State is the only conference team on the Fulmer Cup leaderboard.

Maybe Michigan should become an independent.



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Suspended for the season at tsio? I didn't read the article, but he must have committed something like high treason? master-minded a mass terror plot? Email forwarding?


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Actually I am happy to see the mid-majors making a nice run in the fulmer cup. Rice is truly making the state of Texas proud.

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Art Schlichter finally got indicted for 13 felony counts (12 theft and 1 racketeering).  Any chance tosu gets special mention thanks to Art?  It did involve the purchase and sale of tickets to sporting events.