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+2 for you!


Strange that his ankle is/was still hindering him. Hopefully it will heal and he'll prove that he belongs in the NFL as a.....wait for it....a safety!


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HBO Hard Knocks will focus on NYJets this summer.  They usually pick one free agent attendee and feature his situation.  Could be D Warren this year. 


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"I don't think he's regretted it," Carrier said. "Obviously, I think he wishes things worked out a little bit different for him. I think with the changes at Michigan and what's gone on, the Michigan he went to wasn't there anymore. For him to go back, was that going to be more of a burden on him to go out and play or not? So, that was up to him."


What is that supposed to mean?


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It's a crock of shit.

Oh the burdens on poor Donovan.

Reading between the lines, sounds like Mark Carrier may have had some influence on the decision to leave and is possibly covering some tracks.


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Warren might have hated the lack of talent around him. He might have hated 3 Dcoordinators in 3 years. He might have liked Carr better than Rodriguez. I can think of a lot of reasons. What's the difference between what he had to do under English and what he had to do under Gerg?


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That was a desperate reach. Even non-UMich guys are apparently allowed to take unjustified [1] shots at Rodriguez.

[1] Don't get me wrong. Not all shots in RichRod's general direction have been unjustified.


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Its probably not too bad of a situation for him with the Jets, even though they look set for their starting corners they probably don't need him to be anything more than the 4th or 5th DB this season.  I am sure there is still pressure there to perform but it may not be a bad situation.


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I think he will be fine especially if he can get his ankle back to 100%. He's much faster than is combine and pro day workouts and he should be able to learn from probably the best cover corner in the NFL, I'm excited to watch him progress.


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Look, he may make the team, and I hope the guy does, but I continue to be perplexed that everyone assumes he will make their roster because he signed as an undrafted free agent.  The Scout board had a whole thread where everyone congratulated Donavan on landing with a great team.  Um...

Here is a list of Michigan players who last year accomplished exactly what Warren has so far:

Will Johnson

Mike Massey

Carson Butler

Tim Jamison

Brandon Harrison

Doug Dutch


5 million guys sign as undrafted free agents.  A few make rosters.  Let's pray Warren makes the Jets.  But let's not take it for granted.


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Probably not the best team for him to sign with, but maybe he'll shock everyone and make the roster.  Just as likely is that he'll play for the Jets during the preseason, be cut, and then sign with some other club that had a good look at him.  He definitely has NFL talent, and I'm sure a team will take a chance on him.  Best of luck to Warren.


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At least we know now way he signed with the Jets;

"Former NFL safety Mark Carrier, Warren's godfather and the Jets' defensive line coach".