Donors for Football Trips Revealed - UM Alums Bobby Kotick & Don Graham

Submitted by RoseInBlue on May 2nd, 2018 at 10:33 AM

Jim Harbaugh revealed to Detroit News writer Angelique Chengelis the donors footing the bill for the Rome and France trips.  They are none other than Activision Blizzard (most notibly responsible for Call of Duty and World of Warcraft) CEO Bobby Kotick and Don Graham, founder of The Graham Group.  Both Michigan alums, Kotick paid for the total of the Rome trip and the 2 billionaires split the cost of this year's France trip (sticker price of about $800,000).



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Good to have friends in high places. I’m glad that this becomes public, that way people can’t act like the money is coming from somewhere it shouldn’t.


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Actually, you can officially be an alum if you have one semester in a degree-granting program. You can even have a uniqname...…

"Former students who have completed at least one semester of a degree-granting program are eligible for alumni status. Former students who did not receive this status automatically can request it by contacting Gift & Records Administration."



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My son hasn't even graduated from college yet, and his school still hits us up for donations, frequently.  Gee guys, could I perhaps focus on paying his tuition bills as they come due?  Maybe he could graduate first?

Indy Pete - Go Blue

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Their generously has afforded these kids a once in a lifetime opportunity for many of them. I love the creativity of the trips.  As a fan, there is no doubt that this is a huge recruiting perk as well. It is good to be the leaders and best.


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I haven't played Call of Duty in a long time, but maybe now I'll start up again. I didn't know the CEO was a Michigan guy.

Der Alte

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Some ingrates might have raised questions about whether the donors or players could or would receive any benefits (inside information, payments to players, tickets, recruiting, etc) so to clear the air on that score they gave Coach Jim permission to reveal their identities. No more Ed Martins!


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I highly doubt it was given out without permission first and more importantly I doubt they care. People who donate anonymously like this are doing it because they believe the cause is a good cause and don’t want their donation to be perceived as only being done for good publicity. Well, I think it’s safe to say they weren’t doing it for those reasons and just wanted the players to have a great experience.


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The players probably ought to get some financial compensation considering all the highly paid coaches and administrators who are supported by the football program. But short of that, these trips are a nice perk (regardless of what Amani Toomer thinks). Big thanks to the donors.