Donkeys Through History: memorable M blocks

Submitted by BiSB on August 21st, 2012 at 9:13 AM

As we try desperately to fill remaining days between now and kickoff, I thought it would be interesting to remember some of the notable blocks in Michigan history. I'll offer a few, but I'm sure there are many others which will appear as if by magic in the comments below.

Patrick Omameh vs. Notre Dame, 2010

We all remember the run, and most of us remember the block. Omameh cleared Te'o straight through the safety. Denard ran. There was much rejoicing.


Martavious Odoms vs. WMU, 2009

Broken plays are MUCH more dangerous when you've got a goddamn mountain goat rushing from the far side of the play to free you up.


Aaron Shea vs. the State of Wisconsin, 1998

Recently discussed. All your edge are belong to Aaron Shea.


Alfie Burch v. Ohio, 1991

Magicians call this misdirection; your eyes are so drawn to the shiny object shaking tacklers like whoa, you may not even notice number 7 fly into the play. Goodbye Buckeye, Hello Heisman. Much like...


Unknown Hero v. Ohio, 1997

I don't know who this is, but I've always appreciated this block. If you watch behind Woodson, some intrepid dude clears two would-be tacklers from Charles' baffles. Heisman Redux.

What else ya got?



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Looks like the number of the player is 38. If that number is correct it looks to be Anthony Jordan, at the time a freshmen LB from Jersey City NJ.

Edit: I am wrong. It is perhaps 20-something upon me looking at it a few more times, can't seem to see the second number.

Editx2: Looks like a 24 or a 26 to me. 24 would be Patrick McCall fresman RB from Carson CA.

26 would be Eric Mayes Senior LB from Kalamazoo, MI.




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There's an infamous one in my family, I don't have any idea what game it was but I feel like maybe some sort of trick play or throwback to a tight end, with John Navarre running down the sidelines; he taps a guy out of bounds, and the announcer yells



My dad and I both lost it.


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The game was scoreless for quite awhile before Michigan made the first big offensive play of the game. The play (can someone embed for me?) was a pass from Greise to Woodson over the middle which he took down to about OSU's 20 yard line after a shoestring tackle by Shawn Springs. The block was made by #7 Chris Floyd in pass protection, as one of OSU's LB's came in from the left side of the line unblocked, Floyd stepped up and absolutely buried the guy. It was awesome.


August 24th, 2012 at 11:45 AM ^

Vincent Smith had a block against Ohio State (I think it was in '10), where he took on a bigger guy that was blitzing at him with a full head of steam and absolutely stood him up.  Did a quick search and couldn't find a video of it, but if anyone else remembers that I'd love to see it again.