Don Brown & Jay Harbaugh are impressed with Shea Patterson

Submitted by wildbackdunesman on August 8th, 2018 at 2:12 PM

Of course Don Brown would only say positive things even if he had a negative opinion, but Don Brown said he has been impressed with Shea Patterson.  Brown notes that Shea is a very gifted athlete and has earned everyone's respect with how he handles himself and takes his role seriously.  Brown implied that we need to let Patterson play to his talents and ability; "let him player."

Jay Harbaugh says that Patterson has improved a lot since the spring in terms of knowing our formations and plays.

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Feeling it with Shea this year. Going to be dramatic difference in the team's offensive play-making.  He is the kind of guy that brings out the best in athletes who are great in space - DPJ and Evans in particular.  Plus, going to be a big year from Gentry in the seams.  Black and Perry will be hauling in those back-shoulder dimes.  Pass game is going to hum if OL is just good enough.  Warinner needs to have a great camp from his unit and have 7 guys ready to compete to keep Shea clean.

Needles to say ... can't wait for the season to start.  Go Blue !!! 


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I actually met Jay up in AA a few weeks back. I talked to him for about 5 min and asked him about the season, he said :

  • this is the fastest, most talented, most mature defense since they've been there
  • there is a good uptick in QB talent and that is very helpful
  • they think the team can be very very good by seasons end, however they need to find a way to be good right away before heading to South Bend 
  • he was just overall very optimistic and extremely friendly.
  • Side note: he’s a lot taller than I thought. On TV he looks like he’s about 5’11- 6’0 but is more like 6’3-6’4

Nothing earth shattering but it was nice to see he was genuinely excited about the team. 

Malum In Se

August 8th, 2018 at 2:44 PM ^

At least they are not talking up a player who struggled the year before like Mr. O'Korn.

With Black, DPJ, Gentry, etc., Patterson will have some dynamic targets.  That great freshman receiving class has a year of experience and dedicated WR coaches now.  I am expecting a lot more from them this year. 

IF the OL can actually pick up line stunts and blitzes this year, then Patterson has a chance to survive a very productive year.  If everything the defense does causes a protection breakdown, then several QBs will start and struggle before the season limps to a close.

Mr Miggle

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I think you have the right take on the OL. Everyone else seems to fixate on the tackles. We had a good LT last season.  The RT was terrible early, but not so much late in the season. The line just didn't play well together. Breakdowns up the middle destroyed plays even worse than having guys beaten on the edge. As important as the tackles are, my hopes for an improved OL are pinned more to Warinner and Ruiz.