Don Bosco 38 St. Edwards 7

Submitted by jbibiza on October 10th, 2011 at 9:52 AM

Don Bosco Prep easily beat Kyle Kalis' Lakewood St. Edwards team on Sunday night.  St. Ed's was ranked 6th in the nation so that was quite a statement by Don Bosco.  Does anyone from the area have info as to how Yuri Wright looked in that game?  We have a real good shot at landing him but video evidence of his prowess is hard to find.  The article below makes no mention of him (not unusual as cornerbacks are only mentioned when they make picks) but in last week's game that was on TV he did not seem very impressive.  All of the rating sites love him which is great, but it would be nice to actually see some highlights or get a first hand report.  Sam Webb said this morning that there would be some highlights and interviews with Kalis and Wright on Scout behind the paywall.

Basic report from ESPN below:



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Don Bosco is the #1 ranked HS team in the nation. I'm a HS student in NJ near where Bosco is, and they are a football powerhouse. I didn't see the game so have no idea how any of the players looked, but it comes to no surprise to me to see them destroy their competiton. The recruit better than any HS in the country.