Don't look now, but Daxton Hill's HS has three 4-stars in Class of 2020

Submitted by Communist Football on September 20th, 2018 at 2:27 PM

The Michigan Insider has articles up today on three different Class of 2020 composite four-star players at Daxton Hill's high school, Tulsa's Booker T. Washington, representing the top three 2020 prospects in Oklahoma. According to 247, Michigan is actively recruiting all three, and some of them are more favorable to Michigan after Daxton's commitment:

1. Andrew Raym (Natl #51, OG #3, OK #1)

2. Javian Hester (Natl #79, WR #16, OK #2)

3. Myles Slusher (Natl #198, CB #17, OK #3)

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Depends on the relationship. Not many high school coaches consistently have players who are Power 5 players.  a 4 star sophomore is definitely watching how the 4 star junior at the same school handles his recruitment.  You build that relationship with the school and the coaches and like RC15 said, you have an in if you decide you want that kid.

True Blue Grit

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They certainly were not a myth in the past when our coaching situation here was much more stable.  Lately though, with all the staff turnover, pipelines are not "a thing" much these days.  Look at the New Jersey pipeline - where is it now?  Still, this H.S. in OK sounds like a good place to set up shop for at least the next few years. 


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It's not necessarily about whether or not a kid goes somewhere because someone older than him does, but it's about access. By having a strong relationship with the head coach, Michigan can basically ensure themselves more access to these kids, and build the relationship more. They have more concrete proof and a major influence (Hill) in these kids playing career can vouch for Michigan.

It doesn't mean they'll go to Michigan, but I would bet Michigan is in the top 5 for most of them.

Communist Football

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UPDATE: My apologies, only Hester is from Hill's high school; Slusher and Raym go to Broken Arrow High in Oklahoma, but Slusher and Hill are "long time family friends." Wish I could edit the OP!

Other than Dax Hill, the biggest opportunity here is that Sherrone Moore played at OU and seems to have a lot of connections with the coaches over there.  As someone else put it, Partridge is to NJ what Sherrone may be to OK.


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I live in the Tulsa area and the east side of Oklahoma produces tons of top level talent. Booker T has a few D1 guys each year plus the big schools such as Tulsa Union, Owasso, Bixby, Jenks, Broken Arrow seem to have a few D1 guys each year. 


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It should come as no surpise that if Michigan is able to pull a top recruit out of Oklahoma, it would be on the defensive side of the ball.  Academics aside (where Michigan is clearly head and shoulders above both OU and OSU), Oklahoma and Oklahoma State both have high powered offenses and have put a lot of players in the league.  Their defenses, not so much.