Dominic Clarke none too pleased with Urban Meyer

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Dominic Clarke was released from scholarship earlier this year by Urban Meyer for running afoul of the law.  Not too happy today with Urban Meyer after the Jake Stoneburner & Jack Mewhort arrests.

Dominic Clarke @D_Clark3

Sooo...lets see how urban meyer's bitch ass handles this one?

@JHallOSU these coaches out here ain't real yo and the worst part is, you can't do nothin bout it



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That kid got in trouble multiple times with the law and got a DUI right before Meyer came on.  How does he have any room to complain or play the victim card, especially comparing it to a couple kids peeing on a wall?


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the fact that Urban kicked him off the team back in January for legal trouble.  Dominic Clarke was arrested three times while he was at OSU, the first two times for stupid things like shooting someone with a BB gun. The last offense was a DUI two days after Urban Meyer had a team meeting stating that he was not going to tolerate things like... yep, DUIs.

So basically Dominic Clarke got kicked off the team along with DerJuan Gambell, who beat his pregnant girlfriend if anyone remembered.  Clarke was pissed with the circumstances, claiming that Urban didn't even personally tell him and that he received the news from Luke Fickell instead. Which I believe given that Urban barely had a relationship with the kid and Luke Fickell knew the kid better.

Also, as a point of interest... Clarke started 4 games for OSU last year for Travis Howard. Probably would've competed to be a full time starter this season given how poorly Howard played and is currently listed as a co-starter with Doran Grant. Clarke was almost guaranteed to be a starter by his senior year.

Anyways, I guess Clarke thinks his situation is comparable to Stoneburner & Mewhort's public urination, and away goes the tweets. By the way, both players have been banned from the Woody Hayes Athletic Center and suspended indefinitely pending their court hearing.


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well, life was going well for me at my job (at a reputable state university) till a lawyer friend emailed  me and started jibber jabbering about my players, pawn shops and ink. i told him i'd get right on that.

everyone seemed to get know..out of shape about it! that  was last year.




ive been a bit out of the loop ever since. dazed and confused. i tell you, you wouldnt believe what i've been up to. and you wouldnt believe the punk that came outta "retirement" for my position. this guy dresses like a tool, for a start - a far cry from my fashionable wardrobe of sweater vests and cargo khakis.


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he was arrested and released. He's questioning the likelihood of Stoneburner being released. Stoneburner is much more important to the team than Clarke was. I get it.... still don't care.


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Chain of events:

Urban Meyer kicks him (Clarke) off of the team for multiple issues with the law.

Other players on the OSU squad are in trouble with the law and not yet kicked off of the team.

Clarke tweets about the situation by calling Meyer out.


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So, I take it they won't be bowling together on Sat nights this summer.  Nothing leaves a more sour taste in an ex players mouth than to see other players skate when they did not get the same luxury.  I don't think that all things are equal here but interesting ...

Sione's Flow

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I'm going to go out on a longer limb and say the season needs to get here soon or we're all going to be posting threads about the Paper Rock Scissors national championships before to long.  And yes it does exist!


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You accuse all the participants in "Rock, Paper, Scissors" of participating in a variant of false dilemma (three options, in this case) and pull out some sort of explosive device that will destroy rock, melt scissors and practically sublimate paper. You win. 


June 3rd, 2012 at 9:35 PM ^

Rock is also the only of the three that exists in nature naturally.  Next time you find yourself in the path of an avalanche, hold up a piece of paper, or thousands of papers,  and see whether or not paper beats rock.  


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...doesn't paper cover rock? The Twitterverse has confounded the immutable laws of RPS?

Dammit, the Mayans may have been on to something.

EDIT: Or is it the Meyerans?


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This situation obviously doesn't help Meyer's reputation but in the end it's not that big of a deal. Yes, people are going to spin it as if Meyer is creating another circle of trust that will only bring the team down, but we should be slow to judge here.


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This is true. But in reality there are times when someone has crossed the line too many times, like Stonum, yet BWC isn't about to lose his scholarship over some lowly arrest. OSU is in a similar situation.

Still, Meyer is unquestionably scummy and will get what he deserves.