Dominic Clarke none too pleased with Urban Meyer

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Dominic Clarke was released from scholarship earlier this year by Urban Meyer for running afoul of the law.  Not too happy today with Urban Meyer after the Jake Stoneburner & Jack Mewhort arrests.

Dominic Clarke @D_Clark3

Sooo...lets see how urban meyer's bitch ass handles this one?

@JHallOSU these coaches out here ain't real yo and the worst part is, you can't do nothin bout it



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we all thought it was classless and juvenile when players publically trashed RR on the way.  I don't see how this much different.


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we all thought it was classless and juvenile when players publically trashed RR on the way.  I don't see how this much different.


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I have never understood the thinking of the "thread police" who feel the need to post that a thread is not "thread-worthy". There are three I think in this thread and candidly, if you think so, don't read it - in the case of this post the title was pretty damn clear.  And it's not like on a Sunday night we've got a lot of hard news that this post is crowding off the board so who really gives a crap.

Thats what the down arrow is for isn't it? And if the thread is truly useless the mods generally do a pretty good job of cleaning up the mess and deleting it altogether.

Rant over.

death by trident

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Dominic Clarke, who will be a redshirt junior next season, is facing legal trouble stemming from three offenses, including a citation for operating a vehicle under the influence. Clarke will be arraigned Thursday morning in Franklin County Municipal Court.


The latest violation, the OVI, occurred on January 7th after police pulled Clarke over for a stop-sign violation. Clarke was also charged with speeding in a 20-MPH zone. These three charges are not Clarke's first. In October, Clarke pled guilty to a disorderly conduct charge after officers caught him shooting a BB-gun on the Ohio State campus. Ohio State suspended Clarke for one game in addition to his court-ordered penalties.

This most recent violation is particularly horrible timing by Clarke with a new head coach judging his actions. Urban Meyer struggled to keep his players in good standing with the law at Florida, and he could view this as an early opportunity to send a message to his team. Meyer also needs space for more recruits in the 2012 class, and Clarke's legal troubles could be convenient justification for removing him from the program.

Clarke began the season as a starter in Travis Howard's absence, but he saw little playing time as the season progressed. To be blunt, his talents are not good enough to protect him from early termination. I would not be surprised if Meyer opts to kick Clarke out of the program following the legal verdict.


Police in Shawnee Hills, Ohio, a Columbus suburb, spotted the two players and a third man not connected to the football team early Saturday urinating outside a restaurant near Stoneburner's house, located just off the course at Muirfield Village Golf Club.


Collins said the men dashed away when they saw a spotlight, unknowing it belonged to police. He said Mewhort and Stoneburner stopped about 40 yards away from the restaurant and did not attempt to hide.


I'll let you judge for yourself, but an OVI charge, speeding while intoxicated, and failing to stop while intoxicated are supposed to equal pissing on a building and running away from a spotlight?

10am Monday morning can't come soon enough...