Dohrmann SI story may be posted today/tonight

Submitted by 2plankr on May 30th, 2011 at 10:00 AM

per dohrmann's twitter:

"I'm told it is likely my SI mag story will be posted at later today/tonight. Timing of Tress dec. will make sense after you read it"



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But I can't seem to remember where this quote was from. "I'm just hoping the coach doesn't dismiss me." Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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ESPN keeps trying to link JTs' firing with Ray Small. They're more or less blaming him for it and not even mentioning this article which is the real reason for his forced resignation.

Fresh Meat

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Is this article going to be in print too?  When would that mag hit the shelves does anyone know?  I'm just sayin, I may want to keep it on my coffee table forever


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Spielman is making me gag on ESPN right now.  He is using the "great person who made ONE mistake" defense.  I hope this article reveals that Tressel was part of a ten-year pattern of abuse at TSIO.


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Every former OSU player and now commentator is saying the same thing, even Herbstreit and Robert Smith.  St. Tressel made one mistake, while being loyal and trying to protect his players, just like they were sons.  I also hope the depth of his cheating is exposed.


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This is from his CNNSI bio when talking about his receiving a Pulitzer Prize


The Pulitzer cited his "determined reporting, despite negative reader reaction, that revealed academic fraud in the men's basketball program at the University of Minnesota."

A lot of his other investigative work lends me to think OSU should be very, very nervous.  This is what Rosendouche would aspire to be when he grows a pair as an adult.


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So looking at the front page of all the sports news websites, I can't help but think that this resignation is a fantastic PR stunt. It's going to play over and over in the national media with boilerplate articles about Tatgate. In the meantime, the SI article and new allegations will be drowned in all that benign euphoria.

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