Dogs and Cats living together...Mass hysteria!

Submitted by The Shredder on October 24th, 2009 at 8:22 PM

Since Michigan nation is in mass hysteria. I figure why not share mine. The world is always better the next day. Remember that.

-In all honesty we should have seen this coming after the Indi game. That game
was a sign that we were a 6-7 win team.
-More Minor please.
-Less TE TDs please.
-More TE catches please.. Koger.
-Speaking of Koger.. The drops are becoming a alarming.
-Put in Drob when he can succeed or mix him for one snap. Hoping he bails you out
with some magic play isn't gonna work.
-Brown's fumble was the nail.
-I have always been a fan of Shaw and in mind should pass Brown on the chart.
-Tate is who he is. He frosh who isn't used to the cold weather.
-The safty drive said a lot about the whole day.
-Why spike it again?
-Obi was benched.. says a lot.
-Next weeks Illi game is huge. We either pack it in or go bowling.

I am also having a Live Blog tonight to help heal. 12am est.


The Other Brian

October 24th, 2009 at 8:35 PM ^

1. I agree. Still a very flawed team with youth at key spots.

2. High ankle sprains aren't conducive to "more" anything.

3. Not sure there's a solution to this one. Not much can be done when your middle linebacker just lets the tight end run past him.

4/5. Koger and Webb have been coming up very small recently. Webb has had a drop in basically every game it seems. Do people still not want Alex Smith?

6. We're not at the point where D-Rob is a luxury that can be mixed in on one play and then taken out. We are still at the point where he has to see significant time, aka a whole series. Koger's drop did nothing to help matters.

7. I thought the opening kickoff/drive of the second half was the nail.

8. I haven't seen any huge difference between Shaw and Brown. Both are blazing fast with rather average vision and not much in terms of power.

9. This may actually be a bizarre intangible that prevents Gardner from redshirting. The discomfort in the cold weather is a mental thing, and if Tate and Denard (more Tate though, which is...odd) don't adjust to it, Gardner will push them. FTR, I'm not overly concerned about that, at least for next year. Odoms looked like he wanted to crawl away and die in November last year, and he's looked just fine in the cold this year so far. They'll adjust.

10. Ortmann is going to want to forget that series. And Moosman is what he is. It's getting to the point where I just expect him to fuck up at some point each game.

11. RR says he called the spike...I think he's covering. I think Tate just panicked after fumbling the previous snap and taking forever to get back up and spiked it in a rush. Could be wrong, I don't think we'll ever know. Maybe just take RR at his word when he says he called it, which is inexplicable.

12. No comment on Ezeh.

13. Next week's game will tell us a lot about the inner workings of this team. Illinois is a team in freefall, and they've pretty much mailed in the season as Zook shuffles three QBs trying to find one. Their defense can't stop anybody. Michigan should go in there and beat them by two touchdowns. If it comes anywhere close to a repeat of last year, this team has bigger problems internally than any of us realize. They're saying all the right things about the seniors circling the wagons and the coaches keeping the players confident. They need to walk that walk next week.

A Case of Blue

October 25th, 2009 at 12:33 AM ^

I think weather is somewhat overrated as a factor in college, especially after the first year of adjustment for players (as you mentioned, Odoms seems to be thriving this year).

Big Ten teams tend to play and practice in varied weather throughout the season. It's hot to start the season everywhere from Penn State to Minny, and it cools off everywhere as the season goes on. All of the Midwest has spurts of bad weather (snow, sleet, rain, you name it) and so players can grow accustomed to all of it, and to the rate at which temperatures and conditions can fluctuate.

I think it's harder to play and practice in one climate (such as Miami) and then have to shift to a dramatically different one for an away game (say BC), where the difference in temperature might be 50 degrees in November, and those conditions aren't present in your home.

That said, plenty of Southern/California players have survived and thrived in the Midwest. Brady is from SF and plays just fine in the conditions in NE these days. Hell, take Favre.


October 24th, 2009 at 8:39 PM ^

Defensively, we played poorly. There is no point in discussing a play here or a play there; we didn't get the job done. Granted, Penn St. execution was very good; well executed plays, no turnovers.
We on the other hand had 4 turnovers, 3 of which were significant. I think Denard has a lot of promise, but as a freshman...he had no business throwing that pick into triple coverage, if I counted right, and what is up with the fumbles?
Offensive execution, particularly dropped passes and some mis-judgements on Tates part.
Turnovers, poor execution, defense, and a very good job by the Penn St. offense...we still have a ways to go...which after 7 games is somewhat disappointing...

Six Zero

October 24th, 2009 at 8:52 PM ^

But if it makes you all feel better, take comfort that at least you don't have to wake up tomorrow within a few hours drive (through an army of cars sporting blue and white paw-print magnets) to State College, and/or deal with all of the assholes who've been eyeing up my block M adidas hat since the end of April.

I'm relatively pleased to see that my house hasn't been subject to any PSU hijinx. Today simply sucked. Sucks.