Does UM have the most exciting offense in the country?

Submitted by Roberto Mancini on September 23rd, 2010 at 8:46 PM

Now, I'm not saying that we have the best overall talent on offense. We don't have a game breaking running back, save denard. Our offensive line, while very good, isn't among the best in the nation, and our recieving core is decent. Even so....

This offense looks very aestethically pleasing. Much more than many other teams in the country. Tactically,on offense, are we the most entertaining side in the country?



September 23rd, 2010 at 10:06 PM ^

But I still love seeing the ball in the air for more than a slant route.

I'd never watched an Arkansas game before last year, but watching Mallett wing the ball all over the place is pretty thrilling to me.

Mind you, being a UM fan I'd rather watch shoelace run all over the field, but if they were identityless players on a field, would not be the style offense I'd love to watch.


September 24th, 2010 at 12:37 PM ^

Maybe its just a false impression (I don't read the play by play breakdown each week) but alot of the 17 yards per attempt average seem to come from hitting someone 5-10 yds downfield who is in stride and runs for another X..

I think subconsiously I prefer the high flying passing offenses because I grow an affinity for players, and I enjoy watching them for longer than the 3-4 years they will be wearing the winged helmet. Michael Vick and Vince Young aside, usually the pocket passers stick as QB's in the NFL a little better than the Cribbs, Whites, and Randle-el's of the world..


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We had only pass play (the screen to Stonum) in which YAC were a big factor.  We completed three deep passes - to Stonum, Hemingway and Grady.  That's about as many as we would complete in a typical game under Carr.

I can fully believe that you subconsciously have developed an affinity for certain types of QBs, though I wonder if the reason you gave is the real one.  Do you really cheer for these guys based on their NFL potential?  Or is there something else about a guy like Denard that makes you uncomfortable? 


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Depends on how you define exciting - if you mean Madden-style bombs and 3-play drives, then probably not.  You'll always have the Texas Tech/Nevada/Oregon-type teams for that - teams that just score a million points because they are always looking to throw and exploitng mismatches.  UM's offense is more dynamic but not as quick-strike.  Sure, there is always the chance that a draw or screen pass will lead to a long gain, but is is the type of offense that chews up 8-9 yards a play and just runs down a defense. 

If Denard continues to throw as well as he has so far this season, then this offense will be the most devestating in the country.  Nobody has a QB who is both the fastest guy on the field and able to complete 65%+ of his passes.  I'm sure every DC on the schedule is terrified about seeing Denard, and it is nice to finally be on the positive side of those nightmares.

New Carr

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Denard is the most exciting player to watch in the country right now....and given that the entire offense pretty much runs through him, it makes us one of the exciting units in the country.

Oregon is just nasty, and you have to give the nod to their unit as a whole right now.  That being said, if Fitz tousaint can live up to the hype, and Shaw can continue to progress into more of a homerun threat....with our recievers (Roundtree, Stonum, Odoms, Hemingway) we coud quickly be up there with Oregon, especially if a vertical passing develops.  Denard has the arm, just needs to get some more touch on those post patterns.

As for individual's in the convo... (Again, this is not a ranking of who is better, but who is more exciting)


Denard >>>>>>Martinez

Denard is faster, and has better change of direction and accelaeration as a runner.

Denards passing is much further along than Martinez.



But this is closer.

Denard as a runner is much more explosive and shifty.  Pryor is fun to watch as he has that Vince Young-esque long striding speed, but he is not a roadrunner.

Denard's passing in the spread is more dynamic with all the quick outs and option run pass plays that gash the secondary with throws down the middle and over the top.

Pryor has a better deep ball with nicer loft.  OSU is more explosive over the top, so they get the edge on the exciting bombs.