Does RR remind you of Bo or what?

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Quotes about Rich Rod: “I get upset when people poke fun at Coach Rod, because I know him on a personal level,” Mike Martin said. “I’ve been at his house with his family, and that man should never be made fun of because he’s nothing but a good person.

"I'm all in for coach Rodriguez and everything he does," -Ryan Van Bergen said.

"I'd be pretty devastated if anything happened (to Rodriguez)." -Darryl Stonum

Reporters are gonna write stories that tell me lies about how there's no "family atmosphere" anymore? Bull. Lots of people left Bo's first year because they couldn't take it, but not many people besides the coaches knew that until many years later. Now with ESPN, Twitter, Facebook, and everything else on the internet, every time that happened recently it's a big friggen deal. Of course Bo didn't have to completely change systems, but that doesn't matter. I remember Bo always got choked up at Banquets and things, and now RR does too. But when he does it he's "begging for his job". Shit pisses me off.



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I won't diss Lloyd one bit. Yes, I think he "tired" in his later years, whether due to stress or a personal health condiiton, but being at the 1995 and 1997 wins over OSU means a lot to me. Plus, who could not have loved the Florida win???

My only "criticism" of Lloyd is that I think his assts assumed that they had a job for life and didn't prepare the team properly for games. How else does Gary Russell run for 50+ yds on 3rd and 9 when Glen Mason is running out the clock????? Plus, the HORROR.

The talent dropped off, certainly (look at our draft picks), but assts have to make sales pitches for UM as well.

Think Rod Smith doesn't have some sway on guys like Dee Hart???


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Do burritos remind you of tacos, or what? I mean, I get upset when people hate tacos because they're crunchy, and say burritos were never crunchy ever. But look at tacos: they can be crunchy at times, but they can also be made with tortillas, which make them soft, like burritos!


Also, I don't like it when people say that the onions in tacos make my eyes sting when I eat them, but burritos can burn people's mouths if the heat inside pressurizes the beans within and it blows up in your face. What's up with that?!


Also, I remember when burritos were made with beef more, but now people put more beans in them, and tacos seem to have more beef than ever, which I'm fine with. It just goes to show you that tacos and burritos are more similar than you think. Shit pisses me off!


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He doesn't remind me of Lloyd. He doesn't remind me of Weiss. He doesn't remind me of John L. He doesn't remind me of Harbaugh. He doesn't even remind me of Rich at W. Virginia. He's his own unique animal, the likes of which I've never seen around here before. And we're still seeing if that's a good thing or not.

Black Socks

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If Rich is not retained, can we just state that he is a Michigan Man?  He can come back eventually, and stand on the sidelines as a former coach, and not in shame.  I admit that he is not my favorite coach, but he is one of us now.


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As an older Buckeye fan I have to say this thread of RR reminding people of Bo is pretty sick....and by that I mean not good.

And the recent posts about Carr are crazy...UM clown stomped FLA with almighty Tebow...something SEC'ers quickly sweep under the rug.  The score was closer than it should have been.

Do us all favor and beat Miss St. 


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a comparison to Gerry Faust?  Terrifically successful where he was before arriving at Notre Dame, incredibly enthusiastic about having arrived at Notre Dame, and perhaps the most gentlemanly major college football coach ever to live.  Take a look at Under the Tarnished Dome.  Once, after someone, I don't recall who, unmercifully ran up the score on an outmanned Notre Dame team, he headed across the field to shake hands with that other coach.  When asked why he would do that, his reply was something like, "that's the time you most need to do it."  Gerry is quoted as having said, "I had only 26 miserable days at Notre Dame; that's when we lost. Other than that, I was the happiest guy in the world. I loved walking on the campus, loved being there, loved being a part of Notre Dame."  .  He was replaced by Lou Holtz, a very different sort.

My point is that however wonderful Coach Rodriguez is as far as wanting to be a "Michigan Man" or  visiting the sick and comforting the afflicted, it is separate from his technical ability to help football players succeed during games.  And I have yet to see any negative comment, even from the likes of Sharp and Valenti, about his support of the Mealer family or visting hospitalized children.

As far as Bo insisting on being supportive of the program when troubles happened, his actions showed he wasn't stubbornly insistent on a single style of play or staying the same no matter what. The man won with QBs as disparate as Tom Slade, Denny Franklin, John Wangler, and Michael Taylor.  When he arrived at Michigan he said there would be changes made, true.  Many of those were to facilities like nails instead of lockers for the coaches.  And in his first three years, his overall record was 28-5, 20-2 in the conference, and a defense which gave up 321 points in three years.

So, does RR remind me of Bo, or what?  What.


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I felt so compelled to respond to this thread that I registered an account.

Fair comparisons to Bo or Carr are impossible to make.  Both those coaches coached in different eras.  Bo coached at a time when most other teams were horrible and there was nothing close to the parity among teams that we have now.  Now, every team can compete for a BCS berth. 

Carr was a competent coach but, in my opinion, was losing a step to his competitors (Tressell, Saban, Meyer, etc.).  He, too, coached mainly in an era where only the big-time teams were a threat.

Michigan was spoiled by years of dominance during times when most other teams were not good.  Those days are over.  Now teams go from losing numerous games one season to winning a BCS game the next. 

If we are talking about character, and not performance, I agree with the original poster.  I think, given time, RR would cement his status as a Michigan Man, just like Bo.

micheal honcho

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I read a book where Bo was talking about going to a conference to listen to some coach teaching his new fangled offense. Someone asked this coach why his team allowed so many points against them the previous year and he replied by saying basically "We didnt tackle well" Bo's head nearly blows off at this point as he says to his assistant attending the meeting with him "God Damnit!! how can you do all this fancy stuff and then not TACKLE!!"

This is my observation of RRod, he's got all kinds of fancy stuff in his holster but forgets that football is all about execution of the simple things.

Remember  you go to war with the army you have, not the army you wish you had. Rich sewed the seeds of his own demise by scrapping the army he had before he had built the army he dreamed of. This is an important lesson for him going forward and I'm sure being a smart guy he has learned it well. Problem is it might be too late for him to survive here to see his grand vision through.


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Not even "mini-Bo" Les Miles is like Bo.

Bo was more about perfect execution than employing unique X's and O's to outsmart the other coach.  "This is what we're going to do, try and stop it."

But both coaches are high character, eat, sleep, breathe football guys that I would proudly let my boys play for.

Sometimes on the sidelines, though, Rodriguez does seem possessed by the spirit of Bo.  Not great for his health, but it fires me up seeing it.