Does RR remind you of Bo or what?

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Quotes about Rich Rod: “I get upset when people poke fun at Coach Rod, because I know him on a personal level,” Mike Martin said. “I’ve been at his house with his family, and that man should never be made fun of because he’s nothing but a good person.

"I'm all in for coach Rodriguez and everything he does," -Ryan Van Bergen said.

"I'd be pretty devastated if anything happened (to Rodriguez)." -Darryl Stonum

Reporters are gonna write stories that tell me lies about how there's no "family atmosphere" anymore? Bull. Lots of people left Bo's first year because they couldn't take it, but not many people besides the coaches knew that until many years later. Now with ESPN, Twitter, Facebook, and everything else on the internet, every time that happened recently it's a big friggen deal. Of course Bo didn't have to completely change systems, but that doesn't matter. I remember Bo always got choked up at Banquets and things, and now RR does too. But when he does it he's "begging for his job". Shit pisses me off.



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I don't get it. A couple of days ago, this guy would have been met with explosions and would have been cussed out for posting something that had possibly been touched on before. I certainly don't agree with how that was all going down, so I figured I would give him a heads up.

What did I miss over the weekend?


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I am sorry I missed this full of win thread. According to the rules of the CC Detente Act of 2010, I cannot nuke this thread. Nor would I want to. The poster has conveyed anger over the negativity coming from all areas of the country (Today, Dallas). While it may not be great for a thread but as a post, he did not once mention JH or DB. As an ardent supporter of current coaches, this is in no way a nuclear offense, I actually agree with him. Unless you know the man personally like his players and family, then no one has the right to judge his character. 

I don't think the board's mood has moved one degree. In fact it still stays very fractured and I will nuke the shit out of any non-CC prefixed threads or threads that denegrate any of the circus participants in this big tent controversy. I will weigh in with my coaching thoughts after Jan 3rd. Kinda sounds like someone huh? I, nor anyone else knows what is going on besides the people involved right now. I think you just jumped the shark. It happens to the best of us.

Keep a open eye and a closed heart. That way you don't get hurt.

P.S. I have been watching MNF, writing Fear and Loathing in Ann Arbor Volume II, doing my laundry, and eating M & Ms


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I remember Bo always got choked up at Banquets and things, and now RR does too. But when he does it he's "begging for his job". Shit pisses me off.

First of all, Bo didn't go 15-21 in his first three seasons and was never on the hot seat. Second of all, what do you think people are going to write when your tearful coach on the hot seat says, "I want to be a Michigan Man."  We, as a fanbase, have developed a persecution complex. We really need to get over it.


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I'm not old enough to remember too much about Bo. But when I was coaching high school kids, I got choked up saying goodbye to the Seniors... I'm all in for this team, and its coach.


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Yo man i liked the post and Im all in for Rich Rod too...i mean how can a true Michigan fan not realize what has happen this year with injuries and even though Denard and roundtree and tate and just about the whole team had great numbers they are all Sophmores and Freshman these are kids and they made alot of mistakes with drop passes and fumbles...cant put all the blame on Rich..Hes a good coach and we will be on top soon enough

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No offense, but dude, how do you remember when Bo got choked up at banquets when you're a junior in high school? Anyway, there are similarities between Rich and Bo but let's not pretend that Bo and Rich are the same guy or even in the same situation after their first few years at Michigan.


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Besides the winning part, and the defense part, , and as I type this, Mesko just wrapped up a Jets player better than any defender from Michigan has all year.