Does Rashan Gary play again or make the business decision like Nick Bosa?

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Other Michigan friends/fans and I discussed this last night. I personally think he is done but what do I know. 

Talk amongst yourselves.



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Harbaugh just said he practiced all week but Gary said he didn't feel like he could play on Saturday.  That particular tea leave doesn't bode well for a return.  


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There is a difference between being cleared to play by a 3rd party vs feeling ready to mash in a D1 football game yourself. He knows his body, and according to the film has quietly battled this shoulder thing for many games (not to mention practices).

Perhaps you should consider giving this young leader the benefit of the doubt since: he's never done anything to hint that he's not a team player, he is also fully aware that Paye and Uche have been coming on in his absence, and Michigan needs him close to 100% for the remainder of the schedule (and hopefully playoffs).

Arb lover

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Cleared to practice is not the same as as smart decision to play or even cleared to play. When he says "he" Harbaugh is being clear they aren't pressuring the guy to come back early. 

Don't understand why we need to have this same thread every day. Gary is the man. Just let him get better so he can reck guys without worrying about aggri ating the injury. Also, state was in the bag.


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If he didn't feel that he could play, by not making the trip he cleared a spot for another player on the travel roster.

Also, why would he practice all week if he wasn't trying to return to the field?  Makes no sense.  If he was going to "pull a Bosa," he'd quit the team altogether--or at least sit the practices out too.  


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It's not just that you missed the topic.  It's -- what is wrong with people (not just you) that you want to impugn a guy's character because he's injured?  Furthermore, what possible good does it do to discuss it?  Nobody on this message board knows the answer to this question.

I've seen nothing to suggest that Rashan Gary is anything but a hard-working, dedicated young man who's doing his best to help his team.  I see no need to cast aspersions.


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If I could upvote this 1000 times, I would.  Actually, if I could upvote it just once, that would be nice, but I have no voting ability since the update.

But seriously, this has been discussed ad nauseam.

Nobody here knows the answer.  It's all just speculation, much of which tends to question Gary's character, motivation, impact and/or commitment to the team.

To date, he has been everything we should want in a Michigan player.  Can we just let this play out before making any assertions or judgments?


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I have a feeling Gary is wrestling with this whole idea. I can't imagine that he would sit out the rest of the year if he's at all able to play and participate in what could be a B1G championship run... Possibly a playoff berth as well. My quarter says if he is physically able to play, he will play this year. 


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He's been a phenomenal student, athlete, and teammate.  Embraces coaching the young'ns in the offseason.  Kwity and Aidan and the whole DL talk glowingly about him.  Harbaugh talks about what a privilege it is to have your best player do everything right in practice, go all out in every drill, and how it sets the tone for the team.  Gary's been awesome for Michigan and hopefully Michigan has been equally awesome for Gary.  I believe he will come back and play again, hopefully as soon as PSU.  And that the know-nothing "fans" will chill with the couch criticism.  Look at people who actually watch every play and know what they're talking about (Brian, PFF).  Go check out his grade from 1 quarter of the Nebraska game this year, or last year against OSU.  Dude is a baller, the team loves him, the coach loves him, and he's an incredibly high-character representative of the University and will be for a long time to come.  #GoBlue 


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Totally agree with the opinion above.  If we roll up past PSU, RU & IU up to OSU, and the outcome of that game determines who goes from the B1G East to the championship and he is healthy enough, he'll play.  No way he sits if a championship/playoff opportunity is there and he's cleared.  I think he'd want the cap feather to say he participated in that chase.


Detroit Dan

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Right.  Gary is probably weighing a number of factors and alternatives.  For example, he may want to come back, but not if he can't go full strength.  There's also the issue of permanent damage.  So he's got a lot more to consider than we are aware of.

Same for Bosa -- He didn't quit on the team.  Rather, he suffered a season-ending injury for all practical purposes.

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What's curious about Bosa is that he didn't just say he's out for the season (which I and most people seem to understand)--he went home. He left his team and his university, which I think says a lot about the culture at OSU. Even if he can't play anymore, there is no way Rashan Gary just deserts his team.

I've said it before and not just in light of their recent loss, but I think Ohio State is soft. They've got great players, great coaches, a great tradition...okay their fanbase is housing about 2 million unemployed meth addicts...but they look the part. I just think there is no soul--partly due to the fact that Urban doesn't have one, but also they've got a bunch of guys who look at OSU as a stepping stone to the NFL.