Does Michigan basketball help football?

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 I have to step away from the game for a minute or my blood pressure is going to get deadly.  

The question I present to you is, do you think Michigan being so highly ranked in basketball helps them in football? From a psychological perspective, they are being talked about a lot on ESPN and other sporting news sites. That puts their name in the minds of high schoolers, basketball and football alike. One could argue that Michigan’s name sells itself, but remember that current high school juniors were roughly eight or nine the last time Michigan won a Big Ten title. Therefore, they would have experienced a good amount of the low points for Michigan football and basketball. (strictly being devil’s advocate) At the same time historical basketball powers like Kentucky, Kansas, and Duke have not fared well in football. Again, the argument can be made about history. So, in your opinion does Michigan’s basketball team being highly ranked this season ultimately help them in football?  

EDIT: Bad timing, I know. Would you have answered this question differently three hours ago?



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Last week-Debatable

Duke, Kansas, Kentucky, etc are typically basketball powers and football whipping boys.  USC, Alabama, LSU, etc are football powers and basektball whipping boys.  Good press is good press but I doubt much correlation between the two


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I remember reading about what a great time McGary had at the football game and such. Seeing the facilities and how nice the upgrades are helps.

Michigan basketball isn't going away anytime soon, there will be impressive crowds and the games will be fun which will help make visits fun.

Yes it helps to some. Not a whole lot.

Perkis-Size Me

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Alabama has been a football powerhouse for several years running. Their basketball team sucks. Duke is Duke in basketball, and their football team is a joke. I doubt there is much correlation.


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Florida and all Florida schools were nobody's till the 80's. Florida won back to back NT's in bball and then like disappeared, now they are decent but SEC basketball is horrible....usually always.

ohio has been good in both sports and they have some history in bball but it's not like they were always good in bball. They were a tire fire of a program more than once in the past.

Things appear shitty right now but Michigan is JUST starting in basketball and football once again. They are on track in both sports, it's just taking time.

Congrats Sparty for beating Michigan for the first time in 2 years in basketball.

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They can help clean the football team's weight room as punishment for their complete lack of effort.

Other than that, I think a highly ranked bball team creates excitement on campus and can help recruiting, especially since football recruits often cannot visit until their seasons are over.


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In places like LSU, Texas, and Alabama (there are more) football is king in the region. Alabama and Texas could drop basketball all together and football wouldn't even blink. Kids in Texas and SEC territory are just more focused on football and basketball is just something to do between football seasons. 


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People like to be associated with winning traditions.

To the extent a traditional football power also has a basketball tradition, I would think it lends shine to the overall athletic program.  But it's of marginal benefit.


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I think it has to help. The hardest part is staying relevant. When you constantly hear a school's name over and over, its bound factor into the decision making process. And I don't think it necessarily matters that both teams need to be consistently killing it. Sure, winning helps, but half the battle can often be getting someone to remember your name.


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Michigan football sells tradition, competing for championships, gameday experience, teamwork, and a community of high character. [Not saying its 100% accurate, but it's Hoke's pitch.]

When the Bball team shows those traits and Crisler is rocking, it reinforces Hoke's pitch. Thankfully the game last night is a blip because the Bball team didn't show those traits.

At Bama or USC as examples, they pitch NFL preparation and absolute commitment to football by the school. The pitch has no tie to Bball.


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I think it is a great question and I definitely think basketball can help or can hurt your chances in recruiting. I say this because when I was 17 or 18 I was extremely competitive about everything and I wanted my favorite teams/schools to win in every sport everytime. I would watch ESPN and brag, haha my school is better then yours. Or if my school was hurting in my favorite sport I could atleast say, "look at (add sport), they are good at that too". So to think that high school kids don't watch nationally broadcasted games of the school they are thinking about it, you would be niave. To get raped by a rival like we did, it definitely hurts our national image as a whole and will definitely leave a sour note in some kid's mouth.


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The good thing about us being in the national spotlight in basketball is that recruits watching
SportsCenter (which I imagine every recruit does) repeatedly hear the name "Michigan."  It keeps us current and in their minds.  Also, I would assume that many FB players also watch basketball, so going to a school with a powerhouse team is an added attraction.  Let's put aside the past game or so - look back to our home win at OSU.  Watching that game on TV, seeking Hoke in the crowd and seeing Denard living it up and cheering with the student section had to have a positive impact on anyone watching, just from the perspective of "this looks like an awesome place to go to school and an awesome, rah-rah campus to be a part of."

Now, many on this thread have made the point that Duke is dominant in BB without any real football team, and that 'Bama dominates in FB with a crappy BB team.  Sure, this is true, because Duke BB and Bama FB are in such an elite strata that they recruit themselves, and are considered amongst the top of their perspective sport.  Sadly, after our recent struggles, annual losses to OSU, lack of championships and general down decade, we are not currently in the league of Alabama in the minds of many national recruits, so we can't just open our arms and expect recruits to come running.  So, for a team like us - national fanbase, national recruiting, but coming off of a very down period and not yet considered amongst the elite college FB - having a top ranked BB program is certainly a positive factor.


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tournament run raises the school's profile with recruits, alumni and general public.

basketball generates cash on multiple levels--ie donations, undergraduate admissions, ticket sales, jerseys...