Does it only create NCAA issues if Michigan coaches observe "voluntary" workouts?

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So does it only create NCAA issues if Michigan coaches observe "voluntary" workouts? I've seen a couple of things come across Twitter in the last week that suggest that coaches at other programs are either observing workouts directly or having someone report back to them on workouts. For example, Ed Orgeron tweeted that,

The usc trojans are having fantstic pre spring workouts in weight room and on the field

and that

Tuffness [sic] and discipline are 2 major areas for us this spring. Coach kiffin is doing a great job teaching those things.


Perhaps it is okay for S&C coaches to report back on progress, but how could Orgeron know about the great workouts on the field? And how could Coach Kiffin be doing a great job teaching toughness and discipline before spring practice begins? It looks like USC isn't scheduled to start spring practice until March 30th (see…).

I have similar questions about Bret Bielma's knowledge of his team's off-season workouts via Twitter

Today we had another 6 AM conditioning session with our entire staff and coaches. All players were on time and competed well...

Another day of perfect attendance for 6 AM conditioning drills again. To get close to 100 guys here all winter at that time has been great.

This group has really worked daily to build a great foundation for the 2010 season. We know what we have now and are working to get better.

It may well be that I just don't understand the rules, but I have to believe that the Freep would be all over this if the tweets came from Coach Rod.



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I don't understand it either. Coaches have all sorts of planned events with their players that they do, though I suppose they check in with their compliance officers before they do them.

For example, the night of champions this weekend. I suppose it's all in the rules.


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this whole thing was a scam its a bunch of former michigan players that complain about stuff to get michigan in trouble it always happens.