Does having Mattison give us a leg up on Meyer

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Seeing how Mattison was on Urban" Liar's" staff at Florida, and Mattison is freaking awesome.  Does this give us a leg up on Meyer in game planning?  Does Mattison have an inside look at how Urban will game plan?  I think he will give us a leg up on Meyer and what Meyer will try to do with his offense.  Any good team asks the DC how they would try to stop their own offense and I am sure Mattison has an in depth look at how Meyer will run his O and how to try to stop it.



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Can we get a ban on using nicknames like Urban "Liar". It's about as clever as saying "cHoke" or "scUM" and I like to think we as Michigan fans better than that. To the content of your question, I would say Mattison only helps as much as having a good DC helps when facing a good offense.  Very good offensive minds(like Borges or He who shall not be named in Tucson) constantly tinker with things and I bet Urban's 2012 offense with Ohio looks different enough from 07 Florida with Tebow that any minimial edge Mattison might give us with familiartiy is negated.  

All that being said, Mattison is still awesome, we have Denard and it's time for us to beat the Buckeyes in Columbus and get a winning streak going. 


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There used to be a rule that a certain nickname starting with the first syllable of Spartan and ending with the second syllable of Christina would earn a banhammer for n00bz and a vacation to Bolivia for established users. I can't find the documentation, but it may have passed into unspoken status at this point.


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Can we use "Oscar" as a nickname for Meyer?  I think that would serve a few purposes.  It could be turned into a derogatory term such as "Man, that new Oregon uniform is so ugly, it's Oscar!" or "Oscar you, man!"  This, I think, is the only acceptable nickname for that coach in Ohio...or maybe not.


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I'd say that Ohio and Sparty are more than fine, since one has a marching band spell out "Ohio" and the other named their mascot "Sparty". Those names are endorsed by their respective institutions.

Agree that Urban Liar, Douchetonio, DickRod, Brady Joke, Spartina, ect, ect, ect. are all signs of weak intelligence and need to be dealt a supersonic ticket to Bolivia.


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I just cant get enough threads were Urban "Liar" is mentioned.  Cause he's a big fat LIAR and we, the unbiased, impartial members of the Mgomafia, have outed his lying ass.

Cause he's a big fat stinky liar.  And his pants are definitely on fire he's such a big,big liar.

Good lord we sound like petulant 3rd graders tattling on another kid at recess.  Teacher...TEACHER...Urban took my recruit again.  And he LIED teacher....he did.  He sure did.....cause he's a liar.


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At 178 mgopoints, you should theoretically know the "lay of the land" here enough to figure out what is going on.  You are actually quite fortunate.  Posters have been negged a lot more than five points.  One even got a million negative points (or was it "only" 100,000) from the mods for a Sparty reference that has been deemed unhealthy and non-kosher.  

Anyway, consider your five point negging to be one of the least-expensive lessons you have ever learned.  Your execution was terrible, but your premise has some merit.  Mattison certainly helped inferior Notre Dame teams beat Michigan once or twice while he was there.  

We'll just have to see if Mattison is any better than anyone else who has run the defense at Michigan when it comes to stopping the spread when it is executed by a team with very good personnel.  I hope it works out that way.


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Not really. We all know, from reading message boards, that Meyer did absolutely nothing at Florida. Mattison ran the defense and recruited ever single player to Florida and Dan Mullen ran the offense. Meyer was just a figurehead with minimal impact on his programs.


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Are you familiar with the term "vice versa?" If not, utilize Google or Wikipedia, and consider your mind pre-blown by what has clearly, unfathomably remained a foreign concept to you for such a lengthy period of time ( i.e., your entire life).