Does Georgia have to lose...

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now that Houston has lost for is to get a BCS bid?



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you guys don't understand, being in the top 14 does no good if 10 teams are guaranteed bids ahead of us, if TCU gets top 16 and LSU and Bama are 1 and 2 with Georgia as SEC champ, then the following teams have auto bids

GA, LSU, Ala, Big 12 champ, Big east champ, ACC champ, Oregon, TCU, Stanford and Wisc/MSU, thats 10


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The highest ranked Champion of a non-BCS conference is guaranteed a spot IF: they finish in the top 16 AND they finish ranked ahead of one BCS conference champion.

TCU started the day 18th and will move up into the top 16 because of losses ahead of them according to experts. They are ranked ahead of WVU. Houston would have gotten this automatic bid, but they lost, so now TCU is the highest ranked non-AQ champion.


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The champion of Conference USA, the Mid-American Conference, the Mountain West Conference, the Sun Belt Conference, or the Western Athletic Conference will earn an automatic berth in a BCS bowl game if either:


  A. Such team is ranked in the top 12 of the final BCS Standings, or,
  B. Such team is ranked in the top 16 of the final BCS Standings and its ranking in the final BCS Standings is higher than that of a champion of a conference that has an annual automatic berth in one of the BCS bowls. 


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If LSU and Bama are still ranked 1-2 then they are in no matter what.  I suppose it could be possible for Okie St to pass Bama if they win big and voters punish Bama because of LSU's loss and wanting to avoid a scenario where the national champ includes 2 teams that did not win their conf champ.


Otherwise the only way we make a BCS with a Georgia win is if TCU does not make it to the top 16 which I suppose is still possible if Baylor wins and the MSU/WIscy loser does not drop past 17, and/or Houston falls past us but stays ahead of TCU..  


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Don't get me wrong they obviously are playing to win, but if georgia, lsu, and Alabama all are in the bcs, that's 3 teams getting that huge payout for the SEC to split, plus lsu is almost automatically in the nat. Championship already....

I'd love Bama to get left out of the bcs though with a georgia win and a ok st stomping of Oklahoma!

BS Preacher

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If Georgia wins, it seems like it will come down to us or Stanford.  Michigan will travel better, but Stanford would pull in a better TV audience with all of the (insane) hype for Luck.  


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We could still get in with a Georgia win IF EITHER: (a) TCU doesn't make the top 16, or (b) the voters put Ok State in the title game instead of Bama or LSU. These should be considered insanely remote possibilities.


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TCU still needs to jump 2 spots.  That might not happen if Baylor wins and Houston and/or the Big 10 loser stays ahead of TCU.   Of course those things might make it harder for us to get up to the top 14. 

But lets say we move up to 14 with MSU/Wiscy and Houston losing.  It could finish this way:


14- Michigan

15- Baylor

16- Houston and/or Big 10 loser

17- TCU



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this is right, TCU has to jump 2 spots, the teams they could jump are limited to GA (if they lose), Okla (if they lose), Baylor (if they lose), the loser of the Big 10 title game, and Houston


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No one knows. It All became a huge clusterfuck as soon as Houston lost. We just have to let it play out and see what this 1/3 computer 2/3 voters of a robo system decides tomorrow night:/


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Let's say that LSU loses handledly (by 14 or more) today to Georgia.  Then tonight Ok-State wins handedly (by 17 or more) wouldn't the arguement have to be re-evaluated for OK-State to be in the National Title Game?


Reason being... Ok-State lost in OT, on a short week, on the road, to a bowl team. Also has major wins of what will be 5 ranked teams.... DISCUSS.


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But in all seriousness, Georgia is proving that if you have a NFL caliber QB (something lacking in the SEC, sans Gerogia) that you can score on LSU.  LSU wins despite having NO offense, I am convinced OK-State could score 24-31 points on LSU/Bama and I think their offense would be put in a tough spot trying to score with Ok-State.


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Would also like your opinion on... What is the possible effects of Ok-State being the last thing they see.

If the voters see LSU lose, and Ok-State look dominante couldn't that lead to the "it's not who you lose to, it's when you lose" statement?  


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Yes, absolutely.  I am not buying into this idea that LSU and Alabama are in, no matter what.  The media talking heads are like 2 year olds, they chase after the next shiny object.  That's why it used to hurt the B1G to quit playing 2 weeks before everyone else.  Out of sight, out of mind.

A dismal LSU loss (no first downs so far) coupled with an impressive OK ST win will cause folks to have to re-examine their assumptions.