Does Dennis Talbott work for Les Wexner (OSU Trustee)?

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Another MGoBlog member (GustaveFerbert) mentioned in an earlier thread that Dennis Talbott, the freelance photographer who allegedly has been paying TP to sign memorabilia, is actually Director of Recruiting and Staffing (or something like that) of Limited Brands. Can anyone confirm this?

The founder, chairman and CEO of Limited Brands is Les Wexner. Wexner is also a major OSU booster (he gave $100 million earlier this year alone) and is a member of OSU's Board of Trustees. He is spearheading a $2.5 billion fundraising campaign to boost their endowment over the next few years.

Wexner is good friends with Jim Tressel and, word on the street is, it was not until Wexner gave the nod that JT was finally told he had to resign. Is it possible that a principal player in the "memorabilia for benefits" scandal at OSU actually is a member of Les Wexner's management team?

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...the same guy. Here's what I posted on the other thread (minus any links to LinkedIn):

LinkedIn Dennis Talbott has a profile that says he was President, Strategia Retail Solutions, LLC from 2002 - 2007 and Director, Recruiting and Staffing, The Limited from 2007 - 2009).

His photo on his LinkedIn profile and his former position with Strategia is conclusive evidence that Memorabilia seller Dennis Talbott (photo taken from this story about the scandal) -- note the Strategia signage -- is also Former "The Limited" Talbott.

He was apparently unemployed/self-employed from some month in 2009 to Dec 2010. This is apparently when he tried his hand at full time memorabilia sales and freelance photography.

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Fairly standard LinkedIn profile.
The Limited is a big employer in Columbus, so Talbott working there is most likely just a coincidence. But if there was ANY personal connection between Talbott and Wexner, that would be death death death for OSU, given Wexner's clear uber booster status.
What's interesting is Talbott is a LinkedIn Member of only one group, and it's "Clients, partners, and friends of BSM Nation", where BSM = Buckeye Sports Management. Only 36 members in the group, and it's a locked group. Owner is Lee Connors, who is VP of Marketing for Varsity O Memorabilia, who has a lot of signed Pryor stuff to sell (a drum SportsbyBrooks has been beating). Connors describes BSM as:
"BSM Nation consists of Buckeye Sports Management, Buckeye IT, and BSM Music. We are a sports marketing, event planning, PR and fund-raising firm from Columbus Ohio. Many of our clients are Former Buckeyes doing great things in the community. Our company motto is "Think BIGGER!" We have amazing partners in the Community and have adopted a collective "we do that" strategy with our partners. In every meeting we consider our family of partners. Chances are if we don't do something, I have a partner company who does."
BSM's Twitter Feed is not active, but followed by the OSU Alumni Association so there was some knowledge they existed.