Does Coach Hoke do Open Tryouts?

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That was one thing about Rich Rod's program that seemed unique. It also opened the door for Jordan Kovacs, Kwiatkowski and a few other players who have made or are making contributions in Hoke's program.  Some of this is out of necessity due to recruiting and roster turnovers etc. and certainly overall recruting is being upgraded....,however as we all know, despite technological advances, recruiting is still an inexact science, and a lot of HS players with low or no offers can still end up being diamonds in the rough.

Does anyone know if they still hold those annual open tryouts...? I couldnt find anything.



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Well, maybe that will change.  He just awarded scholarships to a lot of those guys, so it would be safe to assume that he understands the value of the tryouts. Anyway, it will be interesting to see how it all turns out with walk-ons going forward.


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When did I say they were inferior level players?  Oh...but I wouldnt expect you to have the intellect to figure that out by just reading what I wrote.  The fact is that these players came out of the open tryouts from RR and made contributions and continue to make contributions to the team. If any of those players happened to read what I wrote, I would bet that they would take it as a compliment...and I would also bet that those players would have much more personal fortitude, than you give them credit for...not allowing some post on the internet to shake their confidence in themselves.


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That's cool enough for anyone! You still get access to the Big House, training table and all of the athletic facilities, you still get to hang around with the team and the perks that go along with that. You still get a bunch of great athletics memories, you still get to tell people you played for the University of Michigan, you still get the great after-college networking and contacts that should make your life relatively simple, and...

Chicks, man. You get the chicks.

Mr Miggle

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We found the punter for our 1997 team through an open tryout. Lloyd later joked that he wouldn't have let Vinson on the team if he had known he was the backup punter in HS.

I assume that open tryouts are very common in CFB. It can't be easy to comletely fill your roster through preferred walk-ons.


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If Hoke handles it the way Carr did, walk-ons will be offered walk-on spots after they reach out to the program and express an interest.  Their film will be evaluated and then, if "they've got something" they might be extended a walk-on invite.  Some times the program would reach out to certain kids to fill walk on spots, usually for kickers and long-snappers and the like, but for the most part the player initiated the contact and then the coaches decided based upon what they saw.  


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It's not an open tryout in the sense of "Come down to the stadium on X day and show us what you've got." Instead, while attending the university, you make your desire known to the coaches via a letter and some game tape. They probably have a grad assistant or somebody go through those tapes and letters, and pick out guys who might have the size or talent to do something, and invite them out for some spring practices.

I could be mistaken.


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It's not really a Title IX requirement per se, at least in my understanding - actually, under Title IX, universities can offer a sport to only one sex but what they would have to do, if sufficient interest were shown and sustainable competition was seen as possible, is offer equal accommodation for a team composed of members of the excluded sex. There's nothing specific in the language about tryouts (as others mentioned, during the Carr years at least, you had to approach the athletic department first and get an opportunity to try out) other than the language of "equally effective accommodation".


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I've since looked it up and I can't find it for the life of me, but I know I've heard about an NCAA or legal issue where a program has to hold an informational meeting and tryouts if there is interest.

I can't find it (and I know this is a knock against it existing) but I will continue to swear up and down that there is either some federal legislation or NCAA bylaw that requires fair tryouts with students for intercollegiate athletic teams when it's requested.

It's also possible it is a state funding issue, in which case I wouldn't know a whole lot about how it works in Michigan.


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I'll "troll" along with you.  What is wrong with people yesterday and today?  So much negativity, not just in this thread but several others.  Is it because we don't have much to complain about after the big win?  Or because Monday's suck in general?  What's up?



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I think this was one of the bright spots of the Rich Rod years. The captain of the football team (and most solid tackler) was discovered in a walk-on tryout! I also think that making the fact we have a open tryout well known means that players who know they won't get offered a scholarship but instead will have to walk on/preferred walk-on will be more likely to come to Michigan over other schools. In my mind that increases the odds that you'll find the "diamond in the rough". And even if they don't get any players from this thing, those students who tried out will never forget that experience and will probably be huge fans for the rest of their life! It's a win-win here.


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I really hope there are some kind of open workouts. There may not necessarily be an open "cattle call," but there needs to be some mechanism for open tryouts. This really benefits people who went to schools under the radar, or who you need to see in person. I love the fact that Kovacs is playing and has succeeded at Michigan. And as other posters have noted, some people may have just wanted to make the scout team. I lived on south campus, right next to someone who walked on to the team. While the "Rudy" story is overdone, maudlin, and unfortunately, he failed in choices after school, it still is cool that he could make the ND team on some level. There is something to say for effort and desire, apart from raw talent. Effort will only get you so far, but the same is true for talent.