Does Brian have pictures of Hinton?

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I love Dr Saturday as much as MGo and there has been a considerable increase in the Michigan content on Doc Sat which is SEC heavy. I will blame it on the great content available from Michigan blogs that is very ready for redistribution and is awesome to see on a non-Michigan site.



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I have always felt that Hinton is sort a Michigan guy. I don't know if it's because of Brian, but he usually writes pretty positive stuff about Michigan and avoided piling on when things weren't going well. It's a great blog, and I wouldn't exactly call it SEC heavy, especially compared to something like EDSBS (which is also great)

The Original Seth

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I don't think Hinton's blog is SEC heavy, at all. I think it's an aggregator with voice (i.e. a blog), and since the site's raison d'etre is not commenting on -college football itself- but rather on -college football coverage and what ESPN calls 'storylines'- it just happens that Hinton writes about the SEC a lot: since that's what most of the coverage out there is about.

Not quite related, but I am starting to suspect (not based on the OSU article, but based on a few other things) that Chris Brown of Smart Football went to Michigan.


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Why am I seeing only the basic 1 point for this post by Brian? Am I the only one who, regardless of whether he posts awesome stuff or something more meh, give Brian a point out of sheer fuckin gratitude?

Seriously- him, Tim, and TomVH, since they sure as hell aren't getting booted from the board, need to have obscenely high point totals, as almost a "I stand with Lech Walesa" moment of fandom solidarity (minus the Polish-ness for some of us). They deserve it. Can any of us honestly say that we'd do the work they do or put up with MGoBoard shenanigan-ery like these guys do? They're goddammed heroes, so pos-bang them as such.

This is why we can't have nice things.

The Original Seth

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Oh, pur DUE. Of course.
No, he was just commenting in some post about the ESPN commentators' ess eee see fixation about how he went to a big Mid-Western University, and since he has written 10+ articles about Rod -- and was even looking at the Feagin and Practicegate incidents on his blog, when there were surely other things to think about -- I was assuming that he went to M.

Now that you mention it, though, there is a lot of Tiller on that site.

He and Basketbawful should hang out.


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Mgoblog is the most visited college football blog out there. So when Hinton writes something about Michigan he knows there's already a huge established readership base out that is likely to read it. It's a good way for him to get hits. And I'm not complaining, he's a great writer and analyst.


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Hinton is a Southern Miss alum. Even at his time at SMQB, he never really gravitated too close to any one conference. If anything, he was the voice for mid-majors for the longest time. He treats all the conferences pretty equally, and he's generally all positives.


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Once wrote something about because of this blog he felt like he understood the Michigan fanbase's mindset better than any school other than Southern Miss. I think it was in his Citrus Bowl against Florida recap?