Does Brandon actually support RR, or is he just being practical?

Submitted by MgoMatt on May 26th, 2010 at 9:26 AM

I was watching ESPN, and one guy suggested that even if Brandon wanted to fire RR, it would be completely impractical, given that the whole mess won't be resolved until a couple weeks before the season starts.  This timeline has been known for quite a while, and Brandon seems like a pretty thorough and smart guy.

Every time I've heard Brandon speak, he's consistently said that RR will coach the 2010 season, but has never provided any outlook beyond that.  Since only an idiot would fire a coach and give themselves only a few weeks to hire a new one, it makes me wonder if Brandon actually supports RR, or if he's just biting his lip for now since he knows it's impossible to fire him, given the timeline.



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RR has two more years, unless he goes 3-9 again.  My worst fear is that he'll win nine games and we'll be stuck with this jerkwad until he pulls something really troublesome like his slush fund at WVU.  I don't like him, and I want him gone.  But you have to give him four years.  Frankly, I don't see more than 6 wins this year.  ND and Indiana last year were gifts from the football gods.  Only PSU and ILL lost ground - everyone else will be as good or better than last year.  The D lost its three best players and you don't get better by subtraction - there is no one the equal of Graham, Warren or Brown at those positions.  There are no proven RBs or WRs.  And even if Forcier is the second coming of Fran Tarkenton and Denard is a Donovan McNabb clone, they will have to outscore everyone.  I don't see that happening.

Jon Benke

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...Graham, Warren or Brown"

This is so wrong, it's actually funny.  You should've said, there is no one the equal of Brandon Graham, and that'd be true.  I don't want to hear that we don't have anyone on this team that can fill the voids left by Warren and Brown, sorry.  We are a very young, very athletic team on both sides of the ball, and to assume that no one will get better, makes me laugh.

Hey, but time will tell...


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Brandon is a leader.  One of the most important aspects of leadership I have ever had stressed to me was that you never sell out your troops (or coaches in this case) regardless of the situation.  Because Brandon is a good leader, it will seem like he supports Rodriguez whether he does or not.   IMO, he supports him quite a bit.


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that I saw earlier today referring to an alleged slush fund of RR's at WVU. I've gone through all the threads today looking for it, and a site search had only 1 post of his from back in January. Either I'm going senile (always a possiblity) or it was yanked. Anybody else see it?


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...if not Rodriguez, who did the Michigan Mafia want? If its true that Lloyd helped piss on the hire of Les Miles, what would have happened if they truly courted Harbaugh after what he said? Were they really going to go with English or Debord or Hoke? Who would have been hired to appease the behind the scens folks?