Does Borges Recruit?

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I've read a lot about the Borges "Gulf-Coast Offense" and the 1st Rd QBs that he has coached.  But what I'm curious about is whether he is an active recruiter or just an Xs/Os guy. 

Last year, our Coordinators seem to have different recruiting personas.  Magee was more of a recruiter it seemed, while less so with Robinson.  Depending on how active Borges is on the trail might also influence our decision making on the defensive side.

Any articles or news on Borges recruiting would be helpful.




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Magee was more of a recruiter it seemed, while less so with Robinson.

Hmmm.  If Robinson wasn't a good recruiter, and it speaks for itself that he wasn't a good Xs/Os guy, then what the heck was he?  And why did we keep him only to doom poor RichRod.


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And why did we keep him only to doom poor RichRod.

You know that the head coach hires his own assistants, right?  (And Scott Shafer might disagree with the notion that our defensive shortcomings were solely due to the coordinators).


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He is not the best recruiter. They said he was a good OC, just not that great of a I hope that is not true if he does recruit here. If it is true, find another recruiter.


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His original (and most recent) connections are to California.  Even if he wasn't a great recruiter at Auburn, and given Michigan's historical ability to attract great players from California, perhaps we can't really compare his recruiting abilities at Auburn with his potential recruiting abilities at Michigan.


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Part of me would love an "ace recruiter" for an OC, but as the last three years brought us a dearth of talent on offense - sort of - I would almost rather see what the guy can do with the existing talent and fill the holes next year. Maybe this is just me....

Borges numbers are not impressive, yet I can't look  away for some reason.....


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"We" didn't keep Robinson; RR did. Why he hired him in the first place is a mystery I'll be wondering about for a long, long time. It was a massive unforced error.


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In the 2009 and 2010 recruiting classes, Al Borges signed two recruits to SDSU according to Rivals. Calvin Magee and Greg Robinson also signed two recruits combined in those recruiting classes. Seems to me as if the coordinators get in on some of the bigger names and higher recruits on the board and postion coaches do the bulk of the recruiting. The prominent Michigan postion coaches that pulled in the most recruits (Fred Jackson and Rod Smith on O, Tony Gibson and Tony Dews on D) signed 29 recruits during those two classes, with Gibson alone signing 12. I wouldn't worry too much about Borges and his recruiting prowess as much as I would whoever Hoke decides to hire on as his position coaches and he got off to a good start by bringing back Jackson.


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Definitely true, no doubt, but look at Florida's classes those years. They either signed or were in on so many highly ranked prospects that they had to have their coordinators actively recruit them because coordinators were the main recruiters for those kids with their other top schools. It's not like Florida is going to have the linebackers coach recruit a top-50 kid when Alabama is having Kirby Smart go after him, Texas sending Muschamp, ect.

If we are in the position where we need Borges to recruit kids because we are in on the top kids then that is a good problem to have. And don't get me wrong, there are exceptions to all of these statements and I'm sure position coaches have netted some highly ranked guys. I just hope, like you I think, that Borges is at least adequate on the recruiting trail.  


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Not to get off topic, but I didn't want to create a thread, but how many coaches does Coach Hoke still need to hire.  According to link…

He has FJ, Borges, Hecklinski(not sure what position), Darrell Funk(OL), and Mark Smith(LB) so far.  That leaves 4 coaches.  Is that right?  Are these guys known recruiters? 

Sorry, if I hijacked the thread or change topics.  Just curious.


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It's got to be hard for him to get assistants now because it's so late, IMHO.  I am worried that if he does not get the staff in place, how is he going to recruit.  Guys like Crawford, Countess and Frost(if still available) would want to know who their position coaches are and who the DC will be.  I hope we hear something tomorrow.  It would seem like 4 coaches left.  Coach Hoke may take the DL.  So we need a DB coach and a DC on the defensive side.  And 2 coaches for the offense for possibly a WR and/or TE, QB, and a special teams coach. 


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You're absolutely right, he is basically backed into a corner when it comes to hiring coordinators and position coaches because of DB's ineptitude to make the switch when nearly every other program fires and hires their coaches. Like you said, I hope to hear something in the next 24-48 hours regarding coaching postion hires. Seems to me we could nab some guys that were previously here that are unemployed or have been demoted (i.e. Scot Loeffler and Corwin Brown) if the money is right. If they don't come here because we aren't willing to pay them enough, then it falls on DB and not Hoke as to why we are getting half of SDSU's coaching staff.


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he brings along these guys he has palled with at SDSU, it will be much harder personally to let them go a year from now than if he had done it for the move. Oh, well.

Hugh Jass

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One area that needs improvement - recruiting superior talent.  I love the character of the players RR's regime was able to recruit , however with that said, we need a bit of a talent upgrade.