Does anyone have a consolidated video of the Sparty questionable hits?

Submitted by iawolve on October 16th, 2011 at 7:18 PM

I want to do some distribution into my network if someone has a link to an edited video. It brought a lot of attention to Nick Fairley last year once people started sending around clips of all his questionable hits. I figure extra attention to this bullshit can't hurt. Any help would be much appreciated and you suggest you send it out as well.


NOLA Wolverine

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Wait, he saw Denard throw the football literally in front of his face? You mean like every other player who has commited a roughing the passer infraction? What did you think of Alan Branch driving Moreli into the turf? What about Crable taking his oppurtunity to blast Troy Smith in the head? Or any of the Suh fines? They all took an oppurunity to give the opposing QB a shot in that grey area time zone after the pass is released. I don't like that Denard got hurt on the play, but it was no where near the level of Gholston's face mask twist or anything waranting a suspension.  


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The Rush late hit was also a blatent intent to injure.  He specifically slammed denard after the late hit.  If the refs were doing their jobs it was of been a late hit penalty and an unsportsmanlike and likely and ejection.  It was blatent and with intent to injur. 


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Someone should just make a complete compiled video of all the Sparty BS over the will be like a hype video, except the exact opposite.

It would go nicely with "I'm a Thug" by Trick Daddy.  


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Someone needs to send that video to the head of NCAA referees pronto! This needs to be brought to someone's attention. If they won't play it, threaten to send it to the mainstream media, and if the NCAA doesn't cave to your demands, send it to Tony Kornheiser at PTI on ESPN and he'll get it out there. Don't give it to Wilbon though, he's a Northwestern spy (and by Northwestern I mean I front university made up to patrol other schools by the NCAA in 1973).


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all of the clips from that video came in the second half after I'm sure Dantonio told him, "look, I know I told you to take some shots at Denard but you gotta be smarter than that.  You cant get caught on TV doing what I told you to do.  If I'm going to defend you to the B1G conference now, you better act like a saint in the second half and let the camera see you picking up Denard a few times."


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But how is this trolling? I think we as a fanbase tend to overreact when it happens to our guys. Do we all forget Kovacs ripping off Persa's helmet by his facemask last week? That was just as violent, and you know what? It wasn't flagged. 

A simple search and you can see it was bad on BOTH sides of the ball. 


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I chose not to chime in here yesterday in order to let some of the emotions of post-game subside before engaging in discussion. For those of you who see my posts on this site on occasion will know that I don't come here to gloat, brag, or troll.

With that said, some thoughts from yesterday:

First the dirty plays. Seems like there are 3 of them that are catching the ire of most: Gholstons helmet twists and sucker punch and then Marcus Rush's late hit. The 2 from Gholston are inexcusable. The helmet twist was especially gruesome. I was watching the game at home and started yelling at the tv thinking he had just committed a bonehead piling on penalty giving your team a first down. When they showed the replay and showed the helmet twist, it made me sick to my stomach. The name on his jersey also represents the name on my diploma and I hope the coaches will suspend him, but I doubt they will. I like Coach D as a coach but I don't like his Tressel mold and his "boys will be boys" mentality. Next, the punch was un-called for, though it was clearly provoked. WG lost his cool and retaliated....but not a justified response. Just put your head down and walk away in that situation. Finally, the play by Rush that knocked Denard out of the game (my opinion on this one will not be popular). His hit clearly called for a late hit flag but nothing more than that. If you watch the replay, he was clearly in the air with both hands while Denard still had the ball in his hands. Upon landing, it seemed to me he lost his balance and grabbed Denard on the way down and landed on top of Denard because Denard was attempting to twist out of the way. The link above has the hit. If you go back and see Branch's hit on Morelli in 2006, that is a much later and more vicious hit which was helmet to helmet, but I see people on this blog with a picture of that play as their avatars.

Now, on to the rest of the game. In a word, I have to say I was surprised. I did not think we would be able to run the ball effectively due to our trainwreck of an offensive line. Baker nearly doubled his yardage that he had against YSU. I also didn't think our defense was all the hype that they were getting, but they came out prepared and stacked the box well forcing Denard to rely on his arm. I think we got the best level of play from our corners in coverage (minus the TD from Roundtree). While the windy conditions helped, those corners were on an island and played well in breaking up passes. I wish we were more disciplined and did not keep shooting ourselves in the foot. We handed you 40 MORE YARDS in penalties than you had total rushing yards all game. We really didn't need that, and could have really screwed us in the end.

On a closing note, other than choosing not to call Ohio State by its name, I find it hard to find things to hate about your coach. RichRod was easy to dislike because of his blunders with the media and his lack of composure at times on the sidelines but Hoke says all the right things and is always calm cool and collected.


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I don't think Rush lost his balance. After hitting him initially, he grabs him and brings him down. He turned Denard and brought him to the ground, not a balance thing IMO - he could've let go.

I was proud to see Denard tap Gholston on the helmet and give him a love tap on the butt even after the dirty play. Kid never seems to get mad at anybody but himself. Love him.


October 16th, 2011 at 8:50 PM ^

But I do disagree with your assessment on Rush on DR. I was siting first row and the play occurred at my end of the end zone. It certainly looked like an intentional move to throw DR down hard and hurt him. I know it's  football and a rivalry but a very unclassy move on Rush.


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the fact that Worthy got a RtP call for doing the exact same thing (finishing a hit on DR after the throw by wrapping up and throwing him to the ground).  That's coaching.

Narduzzi out-coached Borges all day.  State wins yesterday 3 or 4 out of 5 times (unless the refs get the lateral call and taunting call right), but the late hits and cheap shots (that some might argue now show a multi-year pattern) are coaching with intent to hurt people, not just "be more physical".

It's great for the state and the confernce for State to be competitive, and I've been supportive of Dantanio to my Sparty friends, but his tolerance for his players actions (on and off the field) show a complete lack of class and sportsnamship.


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the refs blowing the lateral pass is something I can't agree with.  The players on defense did not commit to recovering and possibly returning that ball for a touchdown.   They hesitated, It was a mental mistake on the player's part and the biggest reason why the refs did not review the play since it was blown dead.


October 16th, 2011 at 10:44 PM ^

except Rush's hit. I'm not sure about losing his balance and having to grab the shoulder pads. The hit was ok - yeah it was high but it wasn't that late - but then it looks like he made the decision to grab Denard and drive him into the turf. That was some dirty BS IMO. I'm not comparing it to past hits by Michigan players, just saying looked like intent to injure. 

The punch isn't a big deal to me because Lewan shouldn't have been giving him the WWF treatment. Sure you want your player to just walk away from the situation but that's easier said than done in the heat of the moment. It's not like a player can feel a punch to the helmet / facemask. 

The other two looked to be deliberate and premeditated. 

Eck Sentrik

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It seems like they have hobbled our better players every year. They injured Lewan and DR this year. Martin on a chop block last year. I know they injured Molk on a chop block in either 08 or 09.

Dirty program is dirty.


October 16th, 2011 at 11:05 PM ^

I want to point out that Gholston was pretty aggressive after every tackle he made. I don't recall all the plays, but if you watch yesterday broadcast, you'll see that he "lays" on top of the ball carrier after tackles and makes sure to land a few hits while pretending to get up. He did things like that on virtually every tackle he was in on.