Does Anyone Anticipate a Tailspin?

Submitted by Hoke_Floats on October 8th, 2010 at 11:59 AM

Last year MSU beat Uofm and we lost 6 of our last 7 games

In 06 UofM beat MSU and MSU lost 5 of their last 6 games


I think the teams this year are better prepared to deal with adversity.  It has been posted a ton how UofM is different from 2009, but I also think sparty has some talent, and the Wisconsin win proves they are willing to fight a bit.  It will be interesting to see what they look like on the road however.



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If we lose this game, it will be for far different reasons than in 2009 (line problems after injury. This year, our line has depth), and we have three QB's very equipped to run the O, rather than one.

No reason a loss should propel us into more losses this year.

Monocle Smile

October 8th, 2010 at 12:06 PM ^

proves that Wisconsin can actually shoot itself in the foot. I was high on Wisco to start the season, but I haven't been that impressed thus far. And MSU's defense didn't impress me at all last week...when a Wisconsin running back not named Ron Dayne burns your defense on his way to six (twice!), you are not good.

Zone Left

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This team is a lot better than last year.  Expect them to lose a few games regardless, but the MSU game is more about how good Michigan actually is this year.  I'm still pretty confident that Notre Dame is actually a pretty good team, but beating MSU means we're at least in the pack just behind OSU.  If we get smacked around pretty bad or the offense really struggles against a decent defense, then we may need to worry about getting past the seven win threshold.


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Is a big part of why I wish I lived anywhere except the State of Michigan. It's a game I dread every year. Until 2008, U-M had everything to lose every season, but not much to gain, (except the "W"). It was always MSU's "bowl game", "biggest game of the year", whatever. It still is.

U-M meanwhile, is trying to "prove" that 5-0 isn't a mirage, again. But, MSU is probably the best team, overall, we've faced this year.

If we lose, I will hear about it for at least another year from every colleague and neighbor. If I lived somewhere else, at least the topic would be Miami (YTM) v. FSU, 'Bama, etc.



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Dude, last year was a unique year.  We had a terribly inexperienced O-line, no real backup QB and we were in year 1 of RR's system (sorry, 2008 with Sheridan just doesn't count).  RR teams always have terrible first years.  And then . . . the leap.  Also, you can directly correlate our "tailspin" with the injuries to Molk and Forcier.  While we would never want to lose Molk again, this year we have far more depth to absorb such an injury.  Same goes for our QB - we would be much less dynamic without Denard, but with Frocier, we would be a good, and perhaps even excellent, offense.

I just don't see this.


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Did you read Brian's preview?  Our team is almost an entirely different team from last year's game vs. MSU, more noting the offensive line which I think will be our biggest strength tomorrow.

Indiana Blue

October 8th, 2010 at 12:29 PM ^

Holy crap ... is this what back to back losing seasons can do.

Granted, its been awful but c'mon ... tailspin ?   Really ? 

Make sure your nightlights have new bulbs -  need to be sure those monsters stay in the closet or under the bed during the night .... geez.

Go Blue !

double blue

October 8th, 2010 at 12:51 PM ^

only  a true slaughter like miller or henning predict should shake the confidence of the team or fanbase to consider or result in a tailspin like last year.   otherewise, the talent and attitude of this team is to dramatically different to get sent to the rubber room (which is basically what happened last year- we just lost confidence and could not perform when needed).


confidence baby, confidence


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We might lose tomorrow but no way the season tanks after that. The schedule is tough but not overwhelmingly so and there's just too much talent on the field to slide into oblivion.


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Don't even think those dirty thoughts.

Seriously, this team is much better (on offense) at least than last year's and we play at home against a couple key opponents. I'll still be satisfied if Michigan wins 3 of the next 7.


October 8th, 2010 at 1:36 PM ^

State may be the third-best team remaining on our schedule (after Ohio State and Iowa).  A loss doesn't preclude a 9-3 season, and a win opens the possibility of a really nice year.

Little Brother implications aside, we're playing with house money at this point.


October 8th, 2010 at 1:46 PM ^

Sure, State is going to nosedive after we thump them.  Folks continue to forget that they have yet to leave the home turf.  As we know, they aren't mental giants who can keep their focus together (unless setting up plans to crack heads at a potluck dinner).  Then again, they skip OSU, again, this year so they can only fall so far.

ND Sux

October 8th, 2010 at 2:38 PM ^

No way to compare last year with this year.  Win or lose to MSU (I think we win, btw), we are going to beat PSU, Illinois, and Purdon't.  That's eight wins for sure. 

Iowa is winnable at home...we lost by a gnat's ass last year on the road, and had the ball with time to win at the end - with a far inferior O-line.  I don't get why some are assuming Iowa is a loss.  I honestly think we win.  Iowa's offense does not send shivers up my spine. 

Wisconsin now seems winnable at home.  OSU is likely a loss on the road, but if Denard is healthy, no game is impossible. 


October 8th, 2010 at 4:23 PM ^

I suppose there could be a brief tailspin. However, with Purdue on the road and Illini at home you are looking at at least 2 more wins.  Plus, we could win at least one of the PSU and WI games.  Though, IA has a good D line that may give us fits, I think a win at home against IA is possible.  Worse case senerio after a State loss would be 7-5.  Best outcome 10-2

The momentum this team will picks up against a big win over state will make the 10-2 or 11-1 record a real possibility.


October 8th, 2010 at 6:33 PM ^

Well at the start I thought we would need this game. Now that things are playing out Penn St. and WIsky both look like toss up games instead of no chance in hell games. I know its a night game in happy but Penn St does have rookie QB. And Wisky doesn't look as powerful as they once did.

So even if we lose to little brother we can still get 8 or 9.

All of that being said however I would say this game is VERY important and please win, not a MUST win but a "you probably better "win.


October 9th, 2010 at 6:35 PM ^


The worst tailspin I see is Michigan losing to Iowa, Wisconsin, Ohio State. I would really be surprised if they lost to Purdue, Illinois, and especially Penn State.

However, this game has shown Michigan is simply above average at best

Hopefully Denard shows up next week


October 9th, 2010 at 6:51 PM ^

Yup, I see it happening the same way as last year, piss poor D, and turnovers, the offense came out and played flat all game, WR not catching the balls, Drob making poor throws, should have be 45-31....I guess we have OSU to look forward to. but GERG needs to go....


October 9th, 2010 at 7:28 PM ^

Most important thing is to win next week.  We beat Iowa and all the talk of any kind of tailspin will cease.  Plus we'll be bowl eligible.  We lose to Iowa and I worry that the talk might start to get in the players heads and we'll be facing a game at Penn State at night (which is going to be a difficult game no matter how bad they looked today)

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October 9th, 2010 at 7:39 PM ^

Denard's 3 picks were partly his fault, because they were poorly thrown balls, but I give a nod to the State backs/safeties, because they were in close coverage with the Michigan receivers, and crept up to pick off the ball.  Those three picks made the difference in the game in terms of points. 

On the defense side, I was bummed to see State take advantage of the D  on the run a couple times and had a couple good catches for points.  However, at least GRob made an intervention to provide a 4 man front and get some pressure on Cousins.  Got to work on tackling.  Bell looked like a little tank at times. 

I was bummed to see Vincent Smith not be able to pick-up a couple yards on a 3rd down situation. Hopkins looks like a better choice, and looked better today, but not sure why he did not play more later in the game.  Shaw is okay, but State was good on defending the run, and seemed to have a DE keying on Denard to contain/tackle him if he ran with the ball. 

I wonder what would have happaned if RchRod had put Tate and Denard in the backfield, and tried to flea-flicker play and then passed Roundtree or Odoms. 

Special teams - punter was okay with usually good distance except for one punt.  Kicking - XP both okay.  FG Bruickheizen made the short FG fine, but the second one at the end of the first half, which got deflected looked a little low, and may have had a lousy snap from center.  Not sure, it would made any difference with  a great kicker, but getting a field goal at the half would have helped a little.  Not good to leave any points on the field.

Note that this is the first game that Denard has not rushed for at least 100 yards.  I have give a nod to State for containing him them.  Denard was not as bad as last year with passing, and made good short passes, but with the long balls, he made mistakes, and seemed to be attempting passes, where he got picked off better.  Hard for him to practice against good coverage with our current secondary.  We need a good Rudy on the Defense for the secondary, who can provide solid coverage, and keep Denard honest.  Denard looked like a good sophmore quarterback, and we know has great potential but I hope he can hang in there the next couple weeks. 

Note that Illinois beat an unimpressive Penn State this week.  I would be interested in watching the film on their game, since the Illinois defense seems to better than expected, and I would not take Illinois for granted as a win.  Beating Penn State may be easier.

We're heading uphill next week with game against Iowa, since their defense is one of the best against the run at least in the Big 10.  I hope Rich Rod presses the team in practice to avoid the sloppy play and push for breakaway plays.  For the Defense, I think playing the four man front was better in terms of pressure on Cousins.  Interested to see Brian's comments in the UFR.

Michigan may be in the bottom of the top 25 rankings, but I would not be suprised if there was a major drop in rankings, since State's victory was fairly decisive.  Let's not jump on the new coach bandwagon yet.  Just hope there is no bad news from the NCAA COI anytime soon, since it seems to pop up at the worst time.

P.S. Sorry to hear about Odom's foot injury, possible fracture.  Hope he can make it back in time for OSU!


October 9th, 2010 at 8:54 PM ^

It is very hard for me to ignore that we had the worst defense in the history of Michigan in 2008.

Then had the worst defense in the history of Michigan in 2009.

Now we're having the worst defense in the history of Michigan in 2010.

That's a trend that cannot continue.

Somebody's head is going to roll for this defense.  I have a weird feeling that Brandon won't let this extend into 2011.  Something is going to get changed.