DocSat All Decade Offense: Jake Long in; no Braylon

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Jake Long is in obviously but Braylon misses it. I thought that was because we 'gamed' the vote in favor of Braylon but he actually ended up getting 3rd in his poll with 18% (Larry Fitzgerald ended with 19%)…-?urn=ncaaf,207477&poll_id=50568&wv=1#poll.50568



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Calvin Johnson was a bigger snub than Braylon Edwards. No sugarcoat. The guy made Reggie Ball, the worst 4-year starter in the history of NCAA football, look half way decent. Johnson would catch any ball thrown within 10 yards of him. That's 10 yards right, left, forward, back, and above him. The guy was a freak.

But such is life when you've got Crabtree and Fitzgerald to compete with.


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You know, while reading the article I was thinking "there is no way they can snub Braylon on this", but after seeing the 2 WRs being Crabtree and Fitzgerald, I can't really argue. Braylon was amazing, but so were the 2 they chose. And if we can only have one player per program, then Long is the deserving choice.


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He sounds like a douchebag who never played a down of pee wee football. I can't defend Braylon on missing the list. He had issues with drops (a huge one at the start of the '04 Rose Bowl vs USC) and attitude (lost the #1 jersey temporarily) for a couple years. But put Megatron in that pass happy offense, no-defense conference and look at what he does. You've gotta look past the stats.

But back to Doc Saturday. Who the hell is this character. I already know one of the idiots who works at Yahoo since I worked with him for a couple years. And I know his knowledge of sports. That dude is all about the Redskins but it's a toss up when it comes to knowing anything else about other sports. Maybe this guy is similar. Is he just a fan who knows superficial stuff about football but has no idea how to research and dig deeper than the stats?


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...who complain about "stuffing the box" or whatever he was talking with regards to the all-decade team. Sounds real whiny.

I just haven't seen anything thus far from his work that tells me he's an "expert" of any kind. Just because you blog a lot, that does not make you an expert. Rush Limbaugh talks a lot, that does not mean he's an authority on all things politics. Same goes for Ed Schultz. Does he have anything in his background besides a dude with a blog? Was he a sports writer? Did he play college football? I'm curious since I see he has defenders on this blog.


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It's not that he's an expert, but I hold his opinion in much higher regard than any sports writer. He actually does analysis rather than just stories. That makes him much more valuable to me than a simple sports writer. He has been doing his blogging thing for 5 years, and that quality over that time frame is worth something.

As far as I'm concerned, Brian lacks any background as a sports writer or someone who played college football. That doesn't make him any less valuable. I consider SMQB in the same sort of contributor to the college football blogosphere. Both have a much higher knowledge of the college football landscape and game than anything else you are going to read. And he has the ability to express it clearly in a fairly entertaining manner. Just my opinion.


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And I would +1 you if it was allowed tonight. I think that without blogs, fans have no way to voice their opinion. But I also know that he gets paid to do his job, something Brian does not. And I think that forces a certain amount of quality to your work. Maybe his body of work over five years proves that. I just wanted some more information on this guy because I've noticed references to his articles regarding this all-decade team. And I thank you for providing that!


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Now wouldnt it be nice to have a run at Safeties here like Miami did from 1998-2003? Heck didn't Miami turn out a few more Safeties since then as well, I think Kenny Phillips and Brandon Meriweather being two of them. I betcha with one of these players back there this year in our defense, we win a few more ballgames. Hopefully one of (or more) Carvin Johnson, Ray Vinopal, Marvin Robinson (probably a LB though), or Sean Parker (if he commits) could develop into one of these Miami Safeties. Would feel a lot better with one of these players patrolling a deep half or providing run support.