Docs Show Gee and Smith knew of Faulty Compliance

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One month before a United States Department of Justice letter to Ohio State uncovered a massive pattern of NCAA rule violations within the school’s football program, official Ohio State internal audit documents show Ohio State PresidentGordon Gee and OSU Athletic Director Gene Smith knew that the Ohio State compliance department - led by former NCAA enforcement official Doug Archie - had failed to properly monitor dozens of OSU student-athletes for potential violations of NCAA rules.



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doesnt look like there's anything new here, and SbB is pretty awful, and yet, i must admit, i enjoyed that article immensely


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"SbB is pretty awful?"

That's what they are saying on the "Ohio State University cheating" threads on tOSU-centric sites.  Brooks has done a good job during this entire affair.  I think he is and will continue to be essential reading until the whole thing ends in about four months with tOSU getting major punishment from the NCAA.


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Brooks often posts new stuff without adequately vetting the information he receives. This means that he often gets stories ahead of most media outlets, but the accuracy of what he posts is questionable.

That said, here he was just doing a post on stuff that had already come out. And the stuff that had come out is damning.


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How legit is this guy? I saw espn quoted him on the last article, but he doesn't exactly have reliable sources that he shares.


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But it's going to end up looking like one by the time it's routed the internet and MSM.  It might be enough to act as a final straw and get them booted sooner rather than later.

Neither can recover from the reputational damage they've received.  Whoever was smart enough to arrange for Tressel's ouster has been planning Smith/Gee's for some time.


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  1. Dismiss Smith/ Archie/ everyone else immediately.
  2. Make a big show of hiring an AD known for compliance (think Beilein but AD)
  3. Pay for an external audit of the entire previous athletic administration and their actions.
  4. Contact the NCAA and find out what self sanctions can be used as lubricant.
  5. Make damn sure they also know this won't happen again.


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At this point, if the NCAA finds one more separate thing on their athletic program, specifically relating to Archie or Smith, they're quite possibly facing AD-wide sanctions, and if it's about football, they're quickly approaching a situation where the NCAA is running out of options. They have to be smart enough to know that one year added to their bowl ban is easier to deal with than a death penalty scenario if the NCAA finds anything new in two years, not to mention how much harm it could bring to basketball and NR sports to have a department riddled with sanctions all the way through.

It's in their best interest to lay their cards on the table at this point.


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1. agreed

2. and not some stupid Notre Dame grad.

3. good idea.  Heck, the internal audit seemed to do a decent job (better than the real compliance dept).

4. I assume this has been going on.  Toss in some co-eds.

5. This will always happen in Columbus.  College football in these areas (Ohio, the south, Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska) will never be "clean".  There's just nothing else to obsess over. It just needs to happen at Cooper/Bruce levels.  Not Hayes/Tressel levels.


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Like you said, the NCAA is willing to tolerate a certain level of rule-bending as long as it's not a conspiracy and the school is reporting, which this is quickly turning into and they pretty clearly did not. Get to the level of a PSU or Nebraska and the NCAA is going to leave them alone, OSU knows that and so does the NCAA.


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No idea. But whatever goes on there, they're at least as crazy about Nebraska as Ohio is about OSU (which the other poster alluded to it being a crazed culture issue) and the NCAA leaves them alone. Basically, just do whatever Nebraska and PSU do and OSU would be all good.


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posted sometime last week.  OSU holds internal audits of the AD and compliance dept.

This is good and normal.

The AD/Compliance head didn't really do anything about it.

This is bad.


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Gee is just making this too easy. I keep thinking that somewhere along the way the bleeding will stop but it just keeps getting worse/better. Those of you with small children or weak stomachs should look away when they drop the bomb on Columbus.


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How has this been associated with coach Tressel and anyone who happens to be above him in the food chain? I have to believe the position coaches see players more than the head coach.

This train wreck is just too much fun

Moe Greene

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I say we start flooding tsio with resumes. My cover letter starts as follows:

"Hi. I'm applying to be the next president of the University of Ohio State. You might be saying, "Silly goose - we have a president," but since I know you're going to be looking for one soon, here we are....."

Heinous Wagner

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How can you take a college president seriously who looks like Orville Redenbacher? Especially when he wears the bow tie (as he did in the infamous Tressel arse-licking presser). 


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"We legitimately have the best compliance department in the country."

Well, that's a shame really, because I was hoping to see what this would look like if they had a shitty compliance department that didn't give a fuck.

Anyway, this is basically stuff that was mentioned in the SI article.  Not much new to see here but it's good to get a few details on something that SI glossed over a little bit, or at least, didn't spend much time on.  Dear NCAA: please take note of the date of these audit reports and then take note of the date on which Gene Smith opined, "This is an isolated incident, there is no pattern of noncompliance, and there are definitely no infidel tanks in Baghdad."


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 A cat does what it does and then buries it in the litter box and moves on, knowing that it will just magically disappear in a day or two. Humans know otherwise. Do we need any more evidence than that (and the goofy tie) that Gee is not human.


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you know how most stories start to get old after a couple weeks like the brett farve thing, This is the exact opposite its like watching 24 but getting three episodes a week. I can'r wait to see how this ends