Dobbs question

Submitted by reddogrjw on November 22nd, 2017 at 3:49 PM

247 lists him at 6'4"


is he considered more of a guard than tackle?


do we consider Rumler the same way as he's also 6'4"?





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Most power 5 OL recruits play tackle in high school no matter what they project to in college because they are the best OL on their team. I think even Onwenu played tackle at Cass Tech.


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I don't hate him at all. I can appreciate - behind the snide - he's right most of the time (read: not all of the time). The guy is bringing up obvious recruiting issues we have in both basketball and football, and people with the Harbaugh Coach B demagogue complex cant take it.

Yes, there's some annoyance there, but there's also a lot of honesty.

Also, "Ska" - go fuck yourself for being an internet douche.


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The level of internet bullying on this site is totally over the top sometimes. I'm guessing the majority of posters on this site are "adults," yet - many times - they write, accuse, and label in ways that would ashame my little nieces and nephews. There are too many internet "tough guys" here on this site that treat this place as "real life" instead of what it is - a blog dedicated to University of Michigan athletics and athletes between the ages of 18-22.

I honestly wasn't trying to be objective necessarily. This is my opinion. I don't hate Maizen. I don't necessarily respect his posts all the time - but. - guh, this is an Internet message board! Who gives a sh*t.


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Rumler is a future OG (or C) because he's slow.

Dobbs is actually athletic. But yes, I think he's more of a guard because of his build. He could play tackle, though. He would be a bit undersized as an OT unless he hits a bit of a growth spurt.


November 22nd, 2017 at 4:11 PM ^

I posted this in the Maizen-debacle "outworked" thread, but it got a bit lost in the 200-plus "FU Eeyore" comments.

I saw Dobbs three times this year and he did not stand out. I don't mean physically, as he is big (though as you noted, not *that* big, either height or weight); I mean in terms of easily being noticed on the field.

I grant that it is hard to notice an OL, as opposed to a "skill" position -- but I saw him against two good teams (Fordson and Canton) and Belleville didn't seem to run behind him; he didn't seem to really do much more than any other OL on his team. And on defense, he definitely didn't stand out (e.g., plays in the backfield), though perhaps he is being asked to do something different (e.g., hold up the other's team's OL.

Does he show well in camps? Or did I just not see him / notice him at his best? He just didn't "pop" like I thought a Top 10 / Top 50 player would.