Dobbs to MSU

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Big Ten East will continue to be competitive as heck.



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I guess I'd rather him go to MSU than OSU, but at the same time committing to the dumpster-fire nowadays that is MSU says a lot about a person's morals and I'm not sure I want that on my team anyway


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Sorry that I don't want someone on my team who really wants to suit up and represent a university that has completely butchered a massive sexual assault investigation and now has a president who is shamelessly victim blaming and a board who supports said president who has done nothing but mess up since he's gotten there


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There's a difference between being held accountable for the sins committed by other people and being foolish enough to associate with those people.

Of course he's not guilty for their crimes. But if he chooses to marry his professional and personal life to the people who _are_ guilty of those crimes, and who seem almost completely unrepentant, then you're damn right that calls his character and judgment into question.

I'm surprised to see that people think otherwise. 


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So based on this logic, Saquon Barkley and Allen Robinson have character concerns? High-ranked football recruits want to get to the NFL. They will choose coaches and teammates that are compatible with their goals. 

People can think otherwise because this holier than though attitude and virtue signalling of so many fans on here is tiresome and concern trolling at best. If you feel comfortable criticizing a teenager for making their decision based on what they feel is best for them and their family because of what YOU feel is an indictment on their character, then go ahead.

I personally think we don't have to stoop to making such judgments, especially when it is not our decision and has no impact on our lives.


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Absolutely I question Saquon and Allen's character and judgment. 

There may be extenuating circumstances in any individual case, of course. But at face value, going to a school known for child molestation is a decision that is questionable. Maybe the question is answered one way, maybe another way, but it simply has to raise eyebrows.

It is not virtue signaling to point out that people should be judged. On the contrary, you seem to be implying that you have a certain virtue of tolerance that others lack. 


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No, my point is that it is really silly to make such judgments about teenagers, especially when people of that age are notorious for not always making the best decisions. To further call into question their character because of their choice is so far beyond what any 20 or 30+ year old rivals' fan should be comfortable concluding. 


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Ak47 is not a sparty troll! He is somewhat a realist, on a board full of people who only think the program is full of sunshine and does not have any faults. He actually is a bit refreshing in my mind. Otherwise, you would think we haven’t lost a game in years and our trophy case looks like Alabama.


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News flash most recruits care about one thing, how will you get me to the league especially ones rated high. Don’t listen to kids talk about academics. It’s so low on most kids list it’s hilarious even to discuss it. So no he doesn’t care about what’s going on State because in his mind it won’t effect him in football. And you know what it probably won’t. 


He he went to Sparty because Michigan didn’t pursue Davion Williams. In fact just ignored him. So when him and then Gabe Brown(basketball) choose Sparty it was a wrap on Dobbs. You can say what you want about their coach, and yes he is a huge cheater when it comes to getting players at Belleville, but in the end it’s the kid choice and who comes in that school the most. Michigan did a horrible job in that regard. Face it. 


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We missed on Davion Williams, we should have offered him.  His coach said Williams was easily the best athlete at DB he'd ever coached.  His coach was at Cass Tech coaching DBs for years, so he's saying Williams is a better athlete than Jourdan Lewis or Damon Webb or Delano Hill, or Julian Barnett for that matter.  We should have offered him.


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You're entitled to your opinion but I note that it wasn't shared by any coaches at the top schools. The 247 composite has him as a 3*. His best offers are MSU, Wisconsin, Iowa and UCLA. He got a lot of interest from MAC schools and second tier B1G schools. He wasn't even offered  by the local national powers ND, OSU and PSU.


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I'd say this is a steaming hot take, but it's worse because it's needlessly insulting.  It's not a moral failing to want to play for a school you like, unless we're going to go through the long list of players Michigan has recruited who also considered MSU (and some even wound up signing with them).

He didn't sign with Michigan.  He signed with MSU.  Wish him luck except when he plays Michigan.  That's all.

Mr. Owl

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I wouldn't question their morals, as they are teenagers that are easily swayed.  His decision making CAN be questioned though, and depending on how he acts once coached by Dantoni (like a punk? it's a trademark!) he may become more than just someone who could have made a better decision.


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uhhh....three 'people' with alum status who were messed up, vs. players, coaches, teams, administration, alum, and board members who seemingly condone rape and violence against women is not even remotely the same thing. If you are trying to muddy the reputation at Michigan using three individual acts vs a climate of violence that is blatantly being fostered and swept under the rug, you are nuts.


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That's what I'm saying. That school is such an immoral mess right now that wanting to willing suit up for that university and represent all that it stands for really makes no sense to me. I wouldn't let my son or daughter go there during this day and age until they make major changes


June 26th, 2018 at 9:57 AM ^

Then I guess make that argument.  But remember that Michigan recruiting him pretty heavily at the end, which means either a person's core morality can change based on a single decision, or barring that, Michigan is hardly distinguishable to a morally-corrupt person.

M_Born M_Believer

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I'm going to defend NJ a little bit here but in the end we do not know what was important or unimportant to any recruit so making broad judgement statements comes with it's own peril....

But I believe the point Nj is trying to point out is that Dobbs has/had the opportunity to go to basically any Power 5 school he chooses.  There is very little restricting him from any particular university, yet with the vast array of choices (including all the current heavy weight in CFB today), Dobbs chose MSU.

So the question is "Why choose a school with a public nightmare of an issue when he can / could have chosen anywhere else?"  It's not an issue of who did or did not recruit him.  Of course plenty of schools wanted him and it is not a reflection on that school because Dobbs had not made a choice yet.  The question is "Why choose MSU, given that particular situation?"

So yeah through that optic, its a bit of a head scratcher, BUT to judge his decision without ever knowing the whole story is a big leap of faith.  There are literally a hundred factors that can go into a decision like this.  How each individual prioritizes those factors is unique to that individual.   

I can be safe to say the MSU scandel does not impact Dobbs too much as he chose them despite what is going on.

Good Luck Dobbs, your going to need it when you face Zach Harrison across from you..... ;-)


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Yeah, I agree. It’s not that I question his morals, but I’m saying, as the dad of a 17 year old exploring his options after high school, I would not want my kid going to Michigan State. Period. That has nothing to do with the rivalry. That place is a cesspool, and I wouldn’t want a nickel of my money funding a tribe of victim shaming, circle the wagons, rape enabling, dog fuckers.