Do you want T. Pryor to go pro?

Submitted by StephenRKass on December 29th, 2010 at 2:39 PM

While in Cleveland over Christmas, it was interesting to get the feeling of several tOSU fans on (edit) the tattoo/memorabilia fiasco. I certainly couldn't speak for all OSU fans, but there was consensus that Pryor was a bust, and that they would just assume he move on to the NFL now, rather than come back. From the perspective of these fans, the other guys could go too.

What about Michigan fans? What is best for Michigan in this whole debacle? I suppose it would help our chances at winning next year if they all left.

Also, it now is at the point where tOSU fans are ready for Michigan to become competitive again. They complained about the stands being less than packed and less than enthused for the Big Game last month. I have to say, I was offered a ticket to the game at face value, and I passed.



December 30th, 2010 at 2:07 AM ^

Few things would make me happier than to see the self absorbed #2 have his name called on draft day 2011.  I can almost see it now...

There sits the mighty TP on the couch in his momma's living room.  It's day one and the ESPN/NFL Network cameras keep shooting back to the scene as the picks slowly go bye.  We get one last glimpse as the first round ends and there's a look of dejection and maybe even a small sound bite in which we here the inevitable, 'championship teams are made on day two of the draft', or 'It doesn't matter when, just that I go to the right team'.

Fast forward to round five.  The living room and the couch are the same, but the center of attention and the number of hanger-ons is significantly different.  Some mid-level NFL exec is a the mike squeezing in a pick between another commercial break and some random Mel Kiper take on remaining talent left on the board when it happens.  "With the 177th pick in the draft, the Tampa Buccaneers select, Terrelle Pryor, TE, Ohio Sate."

We see a relieved TP jump up and hug his mamma.  We get one last quote that says something like "I'm going to go in there and work my tail off and help get TB back to the Super Bowl."

That's when I'll smile, knowing the hours I committed to watching the draft were all worth while and I can say to myself, in the words of the immortal Face Man... "Adios Mother...!" 


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if i were an OSU fan, i would look upon qbs like Troy Smith and Todd Boeckman with way more favor, regardless of the awards Smith received, than i would Pryor. to utilize an overused term, Pryor's tenancy behind center seems/is tarnished. 

hypothetical/rhetorical small item: could Pryor have avoided the freshman maturity issues (which seem to be commonplace given Forcier's recent interview) if Tressel redshirted him and let Boeckman start all season? what's more, how much better would he be in 2011 with a RS?


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Troy Smith is lightyeears ahead of Pryor in Buckeye lore, and nothing is going to change that, regardless of the Sugar Bowl and 2011. This just cements it.

Pryor had to play as a freshman because Boeckman wasn't the answer. Jim wasn't going to sacrifice a year and lose 4 games to develop one player. Plus, I doubt Pryor was going anywhere to be redshirted, PSU, UM or OSU included. Would a RS have been beneficial? No doubt, but that just wasn't an option.

It's one of those dream hypothetical scenarios that will never be answered fully. 


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They did lose 3 games that year, and I don't think that Boeckman would have been any worse.  Pryor pretty much single-handedly lost the PSU game by fumbling away the ball while fighting for extra yards when he already had the first down that he needed.  That ended their chances of playing for the NC as a one-loss team.  I think they rushed Pryor onto the field, and his one big freshman mistake cost them in a big time game.  They also misused his talents pretty badly in his early years, gaudy win-loss record notwithstanding.  With OSU's typically stout defense and running game, it isn't hard to win as a QB.


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He had 9 pass attempts, 11 rushes, 52 yards passing and 40 yards rushing in a 35-3 loss to USC. Hardly "playing well"

I don't mean this to be a shot at you, but I really think Tressel wasted a year of development by throwing him in his freshman year. Pryor only had greater than 10 completions in 2 games. That's horrific/a testament to how good the defense was. OSU really couldn't have done worse that year with Boeckman.


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If I was pryor I would Redshirt next year...He can still use his redshirt and i would assume that would count towards his 5 gm suspension. Get your degree and play as a 5th year senior. He would only get better.


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For the benefit of UM, I think Pryor leaving is the best.  He's a bust because of the high expectations (and the word vomit that comes out of his mouth).  But to say he's a bad quaterback at the college level is just wrong.  I hate him as much as the next guy, but he is pretty good, even though he might not be able to win the big one for them.  So breaking in a new quaterback, perhaps a freshman, gives UM the best chance to win in the near future while we re-build and develop our own team.  This especially considering they lose like 7? people on defense.

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Does anyone really think OSU would be better without Pryor?  He's an idiot, and obviously has tarnished his and his school's reputation, but as a Michigan fan, I don't really care about that (other than the delicious schadenfreude it provides).  All I care about is beating OSU next year, so hell yeah I want him to go pro, I want all of them to go pro.   


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i dunno, kinda?  for instance, i look at the men's basketball team and they look better than they did with Sims and Manny. will they win more games this year? no. but each player seems to know their spot/role and go with it quickly, playing into their strengths. with Sims and Manny, the ball just kept getting forced through them and it threw off a lot of games. the same might be said for Pryor: because he has the mobility, the offense is forced to utilize him in ways that might not be as effective as a less mobile qb that uses the runners in a different avenue.

MI Expat NY

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Football and Basketball are completely different.  In basketball having complimentary pieces is much more important to making a team work.  In football, the more talent you can put at every position, the better you're going to be.  

I don't think Ohio State shaped the offense because of what Pryor could do, in fact, I think the better argument could be made that they didn't use his abilities enough.  I think Adams and Posey (despite what he says) are the most likely candidates to turn pro.  I wouldn't be surprised if Herron also decides to make the leap.  If all those guys are gone, they're looking at an offense that will lose three starting linemen, two starting WRs, and the top two running backs.  Who do you want spearheading that young unit?  A guy with crazy athleticism and three years of experience, a career backup who has looked awful whenever he takes the field, or a true freshman?  As a Michigan fan, I know there's one option I'd like to eliminate.  

MI Expat NY

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I don't know, I think it's just Tressel's nature to rely on a pounding run game.  There's been several times over the last couple years where I've seen their offense get bogged down and they spend a series or two in full on spread offense, and they zip right down the field, the game in 2009 is most prominent in my memory.  

He's a better passer than Denard in 2009.  He's not great, and he never will be, but he has more than enough skills to keep teams honest when tasked with stopping his legs.  I can't see anyone else on that roster bringing a skill set that comes close to what he offers.  And with all the departures, he'd at least be a guy you could build a somewhat competent offense around.  


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I would love to watch him during the draft.  Watching him falling precipitously like Brady Quinn did would give me a great joy.  I think I'll be able to do that either this draft or next though....


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To say tp was a bust.  I hate him just like most of us, but he hasn't lost much and despite what "we" think that is all that matters. I hope he goes pro, braxton miller shows he is too young to start and they are stuck with a sheriden like qb and lose to toledo,


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NO!!! Highly entertaining, if single-minded, mgoboard poster.  Would like to have him around another year before he takes his services to an NFL board.

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would be that he not stick around to try for a fourth win against us.  He's in a tough spot though.  Stick around and sit for almost half the season or go pro and get drafted way down the chart as a TE.


December 29th, 2010 at 3:02 PM ^

Let's just say that I would not be upset if he left. I would love for him to stay and sit out the first 5 games and not get a rhythm down with his teammates and look like crap the rest of the season and we tear them up next year in AA. But he can do whatever he wants to do, at least that's pretty much what he does now anyways.