Do we want MSU & OSU undefeated before we play them?

Submitted by mickblue on August 23rd, 2016 at 3:59 PM

I say absolutely not. As far as I'm concerned they can both be winless. I know some feel that would damage our playoff chances. Although that might be true, I'm thinking we need to return to Big Ten dominance before we think that big. We also need to bolster our instate and midwest recruiting like it once was. We've been down too long now to root for either of them to do well any time soon. As a fan, I've been humbled since '08 and want to rebuild in stages. Take over the state and the conference and then take over nationally.



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Now THAT would be a blog first.....possibly a blog last too. Pretty sure that thread costs this place a sponsor or two either way.

The fact that this was a thought that you had uneases me a little bit. OK, it uneases me a lot, and only because I would have to read it and moderate it and this is a free thing. That thread ould be the day I demand pay for this work. 


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I think we have to beat MSU and OSU before we can worry about whether they play other teams and whether they beat those teams or don't beat those teams....


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I think if we talk about not talking about beating MSU and OSU before we talk about beating MSU and OSU before we beat MSU and OSU, it could create a hole in the space/time continuum.  Thus Marty would never be born


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1000 times yes.

We just have to win. Big time programs win big time games.

Once we start doing that again, it will start a snowball effect and OH MY GOD IS THAT A BEAR!?!!!


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MSU for some reason...just no.  I want them to lose every fucking game for the next few years.  They have really restored my sense of hatred over the last 5 years or so


August 23rd, 2016 at 5:06 PM ^

only thinking about our playoff chances for this year (because of course we want them both to be bad for future recruiting and general tears in their eyes), I'm going to say it doesn't matter about MSU much, as long as we win, but going into the OSU game, if we're undefeated, it would be very good if they have at least two B1G losses, which would mean we'd have the division clinched.  With a win or even a relatively close loss at the Shoe (and let's be real, that game is going to be very tough), we'd still be playing the B1G championship game for a likely spot in the Playoff.


August 23rd, 2016 at 4:09 PM ^

I've never bought into that thinking, especially regarding MSU.  I can kind of see it for OSU because of the rivalry, but I'd be fine with MSU returning to JLS levels.  Even for OSU, my bigger concern is just winnng the game.