Do we have the personnel to run a "conventional defense?"

Submitted by cypress on November 4th, 2010 at 9:41 PM

I'm looking at this more in terms of next year, because I think its pretty unrealistic to expect massive change this year. And yes, I'm fully aware there are going to be a few of you who are going to huff and puff about worrying about this year first. Oh well, deal with it.

Anyway, the general consensus is that the scheme has issues and we would be better off running a more traditional 4-3 defense. I know that we run "multiple" now that features a 4 man front at times, but our guys seem confused more often than not and there does not seem to be much consistency. I've also heard the argument that we dont have the bodies to run a 4-3 at this point. How about next year? Obviously QWash or Ash would need to step up and handle nose tackle.

Also..linebackers. We've got plenty of them but I dont know who would play what in a 4-3. MLB is obviously Demens, perhaps with Bell, Ryan and maybe Kellen Jones in the mix. The WLB and SLB..I really dont know. We'll have Herron, Fitz, Mike Jones, Cam Gordon, Leach, maybe Furman and M-Rob. I'm not a defensive guru, does anyone have any insight on what qualities are needed to be successful at WLB and SLB and who might project there?