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Cannot sleep for the life of me. Worked on this last night when I couldn't sleep as well. Titled "Do More. Say Less.", this is a quick edit to lead into the final game tomorrow.

Song - Legend Has it by Run the Jewels

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in each of its last two games, 90 percent of the shots attempted against it. Think of that. Ninety percent. And in so doing, their actions have spoken louder than any words about it.

Consider that Villanova hit 14 three point shots against Kansas, Michigan has only allowed 14 three-point baskets throughout the tournament against five teams. That is doing more and saying less in anyone's book. Regardless of what happens, this won't be Kansas, the Wildcats face. Go Blue!


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That slogan was clearly intended for us as fans to not make any noise about our basketball team making a pretty improbablt run to the national championship game. I'm sure Beilein's gonna give us all a talking to before the game tonight.

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Enjoy the moment!