DJ Wilson to Miss 4-6 Weeks with Finger Injury

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Freshman MBB player DJ Wilson is out for 4-6 weeks with a finger injury. Will miss the Italy trip, but sounds like he will be ready to go by the start of the the season.


Michigan freshman forward DJ Wilson will miss 4-6 weeks due to right finger injury. #Michigan

— Thomas Beindit (@tbeindit) August 6, 2014

Ed-Ace: Added the full press release below.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- University of Michigan men's basketball head coach John Beilein announced today (Wednesday, August 6) freshman forward D.J. Wilson (Sacramento, Calif./Capital Christian School) underwent successful surgery on his right pinky finger and will miss 4-6 weeks for recovery.
"This is an unfortunate injury for D.J.," said Beilein. "However, we have the best training and medical staff here at U-M, so we know he is in good hands. We anticipate a speedy recovery so D.J. will be back and at 100 percent when we start our September workouts."
Wilson, who will still travel with U-M to Italy on Aug. 15-24, averaged 13.9 points, 6.3 rebounds and 2.1 blocks per game last season at Capital Christian School. He guided the Cougars to a 28-4 record, 10-0 Golden Empire League and a final No. 3 state ranking.



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You know... just when I thought we could give Coach Beilein a little slack, he has to go and start recruiting guys with character flaws such as girl hands.  When will we start holding the coaching staff accountable for these lapses in judgement?  I'm beginning to feel like Coach B doesn't even know what man hands look like.


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Terrible news and I'm glad he'll be back for the season.... but am I the only one who just channelled their inner 10 year old when they saw the title of this thread and thought of about a dozen or so innapropriate jokes?


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Anybody else initially mistake this for Jarrod Wilson and think, "AMSHG strikes again!".  Basketball is so not on my radar right now.


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Bummer.  That's some good experience he will miss out on on this trip and with such a young team every experience playing solid opponents before the season began is very important.


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I don't know the extent of Wilson's injury, but I once spent a week staring at the ceiling loaded up on Oxycontin because I'd had a wire put into my pinky to hold it together and a pin put into my ring finger to keep it straight.  That was not a fun time, and going to the bathroom was about the extent of my capabilities. 


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I also had a similar experience some years ago - not my pinky, but my left ring finger, which I mangled during what as supposed to be a friendly game of touch football. Between the pain killers and the splint and a couple sutures, and considering I am in fact a southpaw, it was a long four weeks of making even the simplest chores seem like performance art. 


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I've had two fingers in splints for the last six weeks, one on each hand. The simplest things, like writing my name or tying my shoes, now take considerable effort. The funniest part was at a family dinner in Frankenmuth two weeks ago, when I made the mistake of ordering a large mug of dark beer and could only manage to pick it up with both hands. My sister said it looked like the world's largest sippy cup.


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This trip was/is going to be huge in the early development of the front court.  Wilson in particular is a guy I am excited to see if he can become a shot blocking rebound presence at the 4.