DJ Durkin Working Behind the Scenes for Saban at 'Bama

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Former Maryland head coach D.J. Durkin, fired in October after a lengthy investigation into the death of one of his players, has resurfaced at Alabama.

In his first foray back into football since his October firing, Durkin has been helping Alabama this past week in a consultant-like capacity, sources told It’s unclear at this point if Durkin could have a long-term role on Nick Saban’s Alabama staff though, according to sources.


Interesting with the Dax Hill situation




December 13th, 2018 at 12:53 PM ^

There is a brilliance to this. It ensures that even though he is a cheating scumbag, far fewer of his colleagues are going to call him out on that, either because they once worked for him, might work for him in the future, don't want to implicate someone now on their own staff, etc. Smart scumbag... 


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Saban either is an evil genius that looks for any advantage no matter where it comes from, or he down deep has some softness toward men that have screwed up and wants to help them get their life back on track.  I believe he tried to hire / wanted to hire Freeze as an assistant but the SEC said "NO".  

Who am I kidding.  Dude is as Machiavellian as it gets.


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Similar people tend to attract each other.  Not surprised at this...  Saban see's a good football mind and mines it.  Durkin see's an untouchable program willing to touch him, so he jumps.  What is there to be surprised about?  The ethics of anything just don't matter.  Ask the Powell PD...


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The difference being, Harbaugh was pre-negligent homicide and Saban was post. That's a pretty big difference. What your saying is kinda like Ted Kaczynski went to U of M so that reflects poorly on the college because he decided at some point in his life to send bombs in the mail. People are responsible for their own decisions.

 It's almost like Saban is trying to submarine his program just to see what he can get away with.


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I realize sticking up for Harbaugh makes sense for us fans, but it's OK to wonder if DJ was somewhat off when he was with Harbaugh. If he wasn't, no problem. If he was (and it sounds like he was at least a bit based on player accounts), then Harbaugh either didn't see, ignored it, or didn't find it problematic. 

Just like the ex-wife of a guy who goes on a killing spree gets some tough questions, it's natural to wonder what Harbaugh did or didn't see out of DJ. 

Of course, pre and post killing is a different story so Saban and Harbaugh are nothing alike in this situation. 

Maison Bleue

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I can hardly remember when he got fired for killing a kid, it felt so long ago, what has been like two months? Damn, Alabama I see you have no shame at all... It's like your actively trying to make me hate college football.


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Ryan Day is already behind on hiring coaches with scandals in their history.

Urban Meyer would've never let this one slip by.

I cant believe I didn't see this coming.


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Durkin, a dude who has known Harbaugh for years and worked closely with him multiple times, "isn't special"? He's ostensibly Harbaugh's good friend with no desire to fuck him over. 

Put your thinking cap on. If Durkin told Dax that Harbaugh was gone, it explains everything.