Dillon Baxter no longer on USC football team (per Joe Schad twitter)

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Former M target...

schadjoe Joe Schad 
USC announces RB Dillon Baxter is not a part of the football program as he focuses on academics.
huh? that mean he's not transferring??


Mr. Yost

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Double pet peeve on VamosAzul!

#1 Pet Peeve


#2 Pet Peeve - When people respond to others in a "what the fuck are you talking about?" nature when it's that person is responding that doesn't know "what the fuck they're talking about."

The "USB" IS the right acronym...because he's referring to Marc Tyler's drunken self from the TMZ video that the whole world saw, ESPN showed over and over, and he was SUSPENDED for.

The fact that his call out got +1'd by someone else is also laughable...c'mon folks, #dobetter


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From what I hear from the West Coast: The guy had poor practice habits. Out side of a mega gift for running the ball, he would not make the effort to learn the right way to block a blitzer, run routes or set-up blocks.  He was buried on a very talented depth-chart so deep that he needed a construction site dig arm to get back onto the field.  

He got to be more trouble than he was worth for a coach and a team that is really looking like a threat next season if Barkley sticks around.


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Isn't Bryce McNeal doing the same thing at Clemson?  I think he's graduating early, then he's going to transfer and play for a different school next year. 

Not sure if Baxter is under the same circumstances, but I'm just saying that there's a situation where a player is not on the team but is focusing on his studies and not transferring yet.