Digital radios and gameday experience

Submitted by First game Navy 1981 on September 7th, 2009 at 7:06 PM
Did anyone out there purchase the digital ear radios last season or the season before? I attempted to use these at the WMU game on Saturday and was displeased, as both of the ones I have were not picking up the E-1 through E-5 signals, nor could they pick up 104.3 WOMC.

My fear is with the digital transition with television, the radio frequencies were changed and I need to purchase a third radio.

Can anyone help me here???

On a side note, my seats were moved from section 33 single digit row to section 39 row 43. What an improvement. I took my 8 year old son to the game and at one point he had to use the bathroom. We watched a Michigan punt, hit the can and were back in our seats prior to Western starting their drive. I suppose ABC should get some credit for the long tv timeout too.

I was pleased with the look of the team and am hopeful for the Rodriguez bounce that usually occurs in the second season. I thought the defense looked great, not many missed tackles, but still gave up the big play which have seemed to happen every week for several years now.

Finally, the stadium looks wonderful. It sounded quite a bit louder to me. Did anyone else notice that?



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I actually asked about the ear radio thing to a person selling them and they called their boss right in front of me. They told me each year a new license needs to be applied for. If they get the same frequency it is just by chance. This year they did not. But the good news for this years ear radio is it will work at all Michigan Basketball Home Games as well.


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yeah, i have one from last year and one from the year before and neither worked for the special frequency. I could bring in 104.3 and it seems to not have the 3 second i may upgrade to a better radio.

Brother Mouzone

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I was actually going to make a board post about this.

Have the one that came with season tickets from the year before.

I kept scrolling through E1 - E5 n-o-t-h-i-n-g.

Fell bamboozled and hoodwinked if the frequency may or may not be the same year-to-year.


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For the most part 104.3 came in pretty good for me, but it would fade in and out once in a while and would fade out completely if I left the bowl area.
I dont use it much during the game, but there were a few times it was so loud I couldn't hear the ref so I had to listen to the radio.

First game Navy 1981

September 8th, 2009 at 11:48 AM ^

Thanks for all your input. I feel bamboozled because I am notoriously cheap.

I'll give my two existing radios to my kids and see if I can get the three for two deal this week.

Thanks again and GO BLUE!!


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well, if the "3 for 2" deal was the coupon you got in your season ticket package, you aren't going to be happy to learn that the deal expired at the end of August AND they had to be purchased over the internet (per salesman in stadium). They sold me a "2 for $30" deal; yes, they are 30cents worth of plastic and metal. No, i don't like paying for it. But it really adds to my gameday experience, I HATE the six-to-eight second delay of radio headsets, and Michigan Football Saturdays are a few of the most important afternoons of the year to it was worth it.