Dienhart tweets from practice

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  1. If there is a more impressive true freshman DE in the nation than Taco Charlton, I want to see him. Can't wait to see him in a year.

  2. I asked Brady Hoke about interior of o-line; he told me all spots are still open. Lots of bodies. I have to think Kalis will get one spot.

  3. Al Borges told me Devin Gardner loves to study film more than Denard Robinson did. Borges says Gardner is more athletic than Jason Campbell.

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  4. At #Michigan practice, WR Amara Darboh looked good. Al Borges marvels about how strong his hands are. He was running 1st team today.


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According to Dienhart's article at btn.com 


Line: Tom Strobel; Chris Wormley (who is a specimen); Quinton Washington; Frank Clark. Linebackers, Joe Bolden; James Ross; Secondary, Blake Countess; Thomas Gordon; Jarrod Wilson; Courtney Avery; Raymon Taylor.

Obvious ommision is Desmond Morgan, not sure if that is worth reading into or not. 


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that looks like a nickel package to me. Im guessing our base D is

Taylor        Clark    Black     Q/Pips   Heitzman         Countess

             Biggs            Morgan           Beyer/Gordon

                               Gordon                      Wilson


Obviously Courtney Avery will be your Nickel, along with Thomas in the Dime.
Think Biggs has to be the best LB for the Dime set, Morgan for the Quarter.

Honestly, thing I hope for the most is that Josh Furman has a break out fall camp, and we can put him in some nickel packages to shore up the run


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Good call. He has a lot of M fans talking shit to him, but in a mature way (for the most part). The most fucked up thing is when one M fan said something like "I bet you were wearing a Free Sandusky shirt" he responded with "I hope Sandusky gets his hands on those kids in your a avatar." He deserves everything he gets.


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is the undercurrent attitude that belies them, which to me is the more important aspect of them. And that is the overall view that this team is deep and committed to competition. Of course, these guys need greater work and preparation to be game ready. 

But based on what I am hearing and seeing already, I'm thinking this team is going to build on itself as the season goes, and really grow which is how you build confidence and secure a championship season. 


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Just curious ... does anyone know who the BTN crew hyped up last year? I'm wondering how their predictions panned out. I do recall a lot of DG WR hype, which was fairly accurate.


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Here's the Dienhart piece from 2012:


It hypes up Bellomy and Rawls, and it also says good things about Barnum.

Let's be honest...the guys who work for the BTN and the network itself have an obvious interest in promoting the Big Ten as a product and keeping their fans/viewers/readers happy. So take everything he says with a grain of salt.


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Yep that's not good - probably 3 of the most disappointing players on the team last year relative to hype/expectations.  I take all this with grains of salt.  THey are not going to be tweeting "disappointed in XXX" "just no progress with YYY" "ABC does not look Big 10 caliber".  And if they are saying Shane is struggling he must REALLY be struggling. (no surprise - he is a freshman who had noted issues with accuracy and looking off his first read going into a much more complex system)

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Taco looked like he had the makings of a monster in him during the spring game. Glad he got on campus early. He's raw, but he's got a ton of potential, and if there's anyone that can unlock all of it, its Greg MF Mattison.